Panasonic Fax Machines

A fax machine can enhance the productivity of your office. When integrated into an existing computer and Internet setup, a fax machine makes it easy to send important documents. While email is great for many types of information, there are plenty of documents that are better to send via fax. Because of the quality of their products, Panasonic is one of the best choices for a fax machine. If you choose a Panasonic fax machine, you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

One of the best things about the fax machines made by Panasonic is that they are quite fast. Traditionally, speed has been one of the big issues with sending faxes. There are plenty of machines that seem like they take all day to send a single fax. Fortunately, this is an experience you won’t have with a Panasonic machine. The reason that their fax machines are fast is because they use Super G3 technology. This technology allows Panasonic fax machines to send a regular page in as little as three seconds. When more than one page is faxed at a time, this technology has a special feature to reduce the amount of time it takes to send all of the pages that are being faxed.

Another notable feature of Panasonic fax machines is their Document Management System. This system works with scanned documents. It makes working with scanned documents easier by giving you drag and drop control. In addition to making it easier to control scanned documents, this feature also improves network file sharing. Technology is always nicer to use when it functions smoothly, and that’s exactly what the Document Management System will do for you.

In addition to sending faxes from the machine itself, your Panasonic fax machine will come with software that allows you to send faxes from your computer. This PC Fax software can be very helpful. If you have a document on your computer, you won’t need to print it out and then go to your fax machine to send it. Instead, you will be able to fax it with a few clicks of your mouse. Even if you only send a couple of faxes each day, this helpful shortcut can save you a lot of time. This is just one of many reasons why a Panasonic fax machine can make such a useful addition to your office.

Panasonic fax machines have a dual port function. This function allows you to not only send faxes, but to also receive them. The reason this is a notable feature is because this function allows you to do both tasks at the same time. This ensures that you will never miss a fax or need to delay sending a fax because you are worried about missing an important fax. This very helpful feature will ensure that you’re on top of all of your communication. It will also speed up how quickly you are able to receive and respond to faxes.

While most offices have a fax machine, many individuals do not have fax machines. However, you probably interact with individual customers or service providers. If you need to send a document to someone who doesn’t have a fax machine, you can securely get your information to them by using the Scan to Email function of your Panasonic fax machine. This feature allows you to quickly convert a document you scan into your fax machine to an email attachment. This gives you an easy second option when you know you can’t send a fax to someone. Your Panasonic fax machine will also include a Scan to File function. Instead of acting as a function to communicate with others, this feature allows you to use your fax machine to easily digitize and organize documents for your own use.

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