Panasonic Digital Camera

Panasonic is well known for producing such consumer electronic goods as televisions and appliances, but less well known is the fact that the company also produces their own line of Panasonic digital cameras. These cameras range from the low to the mid range in price, and even though Panasonic digital cameras may not be a household name, they have garnered good reviews from consumer electronics experts, aficionados and bloggers alike.

Panasonic is a multinational corporation based in Kadoma, Japan. Founded in 1918, it has since grown to become the largest Japanese electronics producer (no wonder they cashed in on the digital camera craze!) Panasonic was ranked the 59th largest company in the world in 2007 by the Forbes Global 500 and is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders as ranked by the iSuppli Corporation. The company also does not limit itself to the Panasonic name, and actually produces products under a variety of names, including Panasonic and Technics. This common practice can be traced back to the fact that Panasonic was originally called the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, Inc. until the company renamed itself on October 1, 2008. This wide ranging and diverse multinational corporation also does not limit itself to electronic equipment, even though that is what they are best known for in the United States. The company even offers home renovation services!

Panasonic digital cameras range in price and complexity from point and shoot models to more complex models meant for use by dedicated hobbyists and professional photographers. Some selling points that Panasonic digital camera brand plays up are no blurry photos, a powerful zoom, exquisite, detailed pictures, and the perfect shot for each and every situation. As to how they can claim photos with no blur, they use the MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization) to eliminate blur caused by those shaky handed photographers, and the Intelligent O.I.S. to sense if a photograph’s subject is moving. The camera then adapts all of its prodigious features so that the photographer can accurately capture that movement. Further, to make sure your pictures focus on your family and friends, Panasonic digital cameras come equipped with face detection technology which can focus on up to fifteen faces in one picture.

As for their zooming feature, Panasonic digital cameras have taken digital zoom (which electronically enlarges images but may lose something in translation) a step farther and use optical zoom. According to the Panasonic digital camera website, Optical zoom works by physically adjusting the camera’s lens, letting you get remarkably close to your subject while making sure your photograph stays crisp and clear.

Further, Panasonic digital cameras bow to expertise in other areas and use Leica lenses. Leica lenses combined with Panasonic digital cameras’ advanced photography technology make digital cameras photographers appear as if they were taken with a film camera, conveying all the warmth, detail and essence that film photographers swear by. As for their claim to “the perfect shot for any situation,” Panasonic digital cameras include a scroll wheel with large, easy to read icons that allows you to shuttle through camera modes tailored to almost every picture taking situation you may find yourself in. These modes include Intelligent Auto Mode, Night, Party, Self-Portrait, Candlelight, Pets, Snow, or even Underwater, and there are 20 modes in all.

Some Panasonic digital cameras (mainly in their Luminix line of cameras) now come kitted out with built in Wi-Fi. Now, dedicated digital picture takers can share their pictures straight from the camera without worrying about the hassle of SD RAM memory cards, transferring pictures between formats, and generally losing their hard work in the shuffle.

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