Oster Microwave Oven

Oster Products has been around for almost a century, and it has evolved from a small company into a thriving business that specializes in kitchen products. They produce a wide range of microwave ovens – ranging from generic countertop microwaves to their specialized microwave grills. The company also sells a number of other kitchen products, offering a broad spectrum between run of the mill devices and specialty products for niche market. Their microwaves are no different, and the quality of Oster microwave ovens depends greatly on which one you buy. You can find Oster microwaves both online and in retail stress, although their Web site doesn’t advertise them.

Oster Products began in the 1920’s, when it was a small styling company. However, its founder bought the company that owned the patent for one of the earliest blenders in the mid-40’s. At this point, they changed their direction, focusing on blenders and other kitchen items. They gained a significant foothold in the industry for a few years, and then were bought out in 1960. However, the company has remained much the same since then, still focusing on specialty kitchen products. Now, they specialize in producing products that are designed to meet the needs of customers who want their kitchen to look professional and stand out from the crowd.

With their record and taste in kitchen products, it’s natural to assume that Oster would carry this aesthetic to its microwaves. However, Oster microwave ovens are surprisingly generic, for the most part. Their microwave ovens are generally fairly inexpensive and workmanlike. They can be found at almost any retail store, and they generally cost between $50 and $100 USD. They aren’t the least expensive new microwaves that can be bought, but at the same time, they are far from high-end.

Oster sells both small and mid-size microwave ovens, that are functional, but hardly perfect. They come with the standard array of microwave features – basic time cook, power options, and some presets for different types of food. They normally have a very simple interface that is also easy to use. In addition, many customers like their sleek appearance, as the microwaves usually come in black and/or silver, and fit right in with most modern kitchens. They aren’t the most stylish microwave available, but they are in the upper bracket of their price range. Their one fairly unique microwave oven also comes with a grill, which is one of the cheaper microwave grills available.

Quality-wise, Oster microwave ovens have gotten fairly mixed reviews. Most customers don’t experience any problems with them, but they don’t have a perfect track record either. It would be a stretch to call them a risky buy, especially since they mostly come with adequate warranties, but as with most low-end microwaves, they can break down, and shouldn’t be handled roughly at all. Customers who report problems with the microwaves rarely have defects out of the box, but in some rare cases, they have been known to degrade or show problems relatively quickly.

If you are going to buy an Oster microwave oven, be advised that most of them don’t quite live up to the quality standards of their other products. This is most likely why they don’t appear on the Oster Web site – their microwaves appear to be more of a bread and butter product than a specialty. This is somewhat surprising, especially considering that the company does sell some quality toasters. Still, as low-end microwaves, Oster microwave ovens are well above average. They are fairly stylish, usually work well, and come with decent warranties. In their $50-$100 price range, there aren’t many better microwave ovens available.

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