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The Oster brand was first publicly established in 1924 when the company began manufacturing handheld hair clippers. The company continued to grow in popularity for the next 22 years when it finally began manufacturing home appliances. The company behind the Oster brand also purchased Stevens Electric by this time. Stevens Electric was the company that had created a blender concept design back in 1923. Shortly after this acquisition, Oster began producing and selling blenders.

There was only one Oster blender model released at the time that the company originally began manufacturing blenders. As there were limited choices in the market at this time, the Oster blender became a very popular product. As a result of the success from this product, Oster has built its name and reputation in the industry from their impeccable line up of small kitchen appliances.

Choosing a Blender
A blender can be a very important small kitchen appliance. You can use it to prepare a number of food dishes and beverages. The capabilities of a blender will vary by model and you really have to consider a few things before purchasing a specific model. With that said, you may want to look at blenders that include unique features and designs.

A unique product offered by the Oster brand is a kitchen tool that is a combination of a food processor and a blender. This kitchen appliance consists of a 12 speed blender which also includes a food processor attachment. Two models of Oster blenders that include the food processor attachment are the Oster BRLY07 Fusion and Oster BVLB07-Z.

There are now many different models of Oster blenders available. You can find 12 speed, 14 speed, and more designs. This may be a major factor in your decision but there is a wide range of products to choose from with the Oster line up. Make sure you consider all of the features included in the device when choosing what model to buy.

Common Features
The design of an Oster blender is usually very similar. The main difference between models is mostly the available features, speed of operation, and durability of the unit. Most Oster blenders have roughly a five cup capacity and are built with stainless steel blades that work at various levels. To give you an idea of how effective the blades in the blender are, they are even capable of crushing ice cubes.

One great feature found with some Oster blenders is the reversible disc function. This is a great addition as it will eliminate large pieces of food from not being blended properly. If any food chunks get stuck on the blades then the reversible disc function will help get the chunks off the blade. This can also help make the blender a lot easier to clean.

Oster blenders will also come with a number of blending modes. There are pre-programmed settings for specific blending modes that can be useful as well. There are other features that are commonly found with Oster blenders as well. Additionally, when shopping for a good blender you will want to look at the extra features that are included with the device.

Oster BRLY07 Fusion
This model was already mentioned early in the article. This is a blender with a food processor attachment included with the device. The blender features a six cup capacity and has a power supply of 600 watts. This product features a sleek and attractive exterior design and is also built to be very durable.

There are many other Oster blenders to choose from. The Oster BRLY07 Fusion is one good choice but you may be more interested in a different model. You should look at the selection of blenders available and pick one with a design and features that interests you. If you choose to buy a Oster product then you will be guaranteed a high quality device and it will be built to suit your needs.

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