Oreck Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck vacuum cleaners have been around for some time now. They are very popular for being extremely light weight along with having very strong suction power. When the Oreck vacuum cleaner first came out there was only one model that was manufactured for the home. Along with the home vacuum cleaner, Oreck also had a portable car vacuum that was usually sold along side the home model. Today, Oreck still has wonderful vacuum cleaners however they have been improving their vacuums and creating newer versions of the classic Oreck models.

Oreck now offers the XL Power Team Upright Vacuum series. There are four different vacuums in this line. All of them share features including, being lightweight, having an easy load bag dock, an easy access belt door, a bristled edge cleaning system, a metaxalloy motor fan, a pile-lifting roller brush, a low profile head, non-marking wheels, a cord guard, a large dirt bag capacity, and headlights. The upright Oreck vacuums are also energy efficient and have a microsweep system which allows it to adjust from bare flooring to carpet automatically. Since there are four different models of the XL Power Team Upright Vacuums there are also four different prices that come along with them. The Platinum Pilot is the most expensive of the four but it has the ability to swivel 360 degrees. This gives it a lot of flexibility to maneuver around many obstacles that you could face while vacuuming. The other models also vary in price with the Gold being the next highest price, then the Silver and Classic models following in line. The higher models offer a few more features than the Silver and Classic models, including two vacuum speeds and longer tune up warranties however all the vacuums are a great value and come with a handheld vacuum to use for cleaning your car or doing other small vacuum jobs.

One of the most unique and newest model vacuums that Oreck has to offer is the Oreck Halo. This amazing vacuum has all the cleaning power of the other Oreck vacuum cleaners but offers a few more advanced features that you may be looking for in a vacuum. The Oreck Halo not only cleans the carpet by sucking up 99% of the dirt and debris that lives in the carpet but it also using the technology of UV-C lighting in order to kill all sorts of allergens that live in and on your flooring. With this vacuum cleaner you can feel confident that mold, bacteria, dust mites, flea eggs and many other allergens are eliminated from your carpets. This is a great feature for anyone who suffers from severe allergies.

Oreck has not only taken into consideration the needs for clean carpets but also the need for clean flooring in general. They have designed an all purpose steam wand that is great for keeping all your bare floors clean without the mess of a mop and bucket. You can even find Oreck air purifiers for keeping the air inside your home allergen free. What used to be a one vacuum business has now advanced to all sorts of vacuums, floor cleaners and air purification systems. Oreck also has tune up policies and warranties that are unbeatable. For those who already own an Oreck vacuum cleaner you can purchase new bags, belts and other vacuum accessories for your vacuum cleaner on their website. All you need to do to get your new vacuum cleaner, floor steamer, air purifier or vacuum accessories is go to their website and locate what you need. You can also call customer service for ordering or answers to any questions that you may have regarding their products.

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