Omnitech Portable GPS Navigation System

Driving can be hassle, even more so, when you don’t know where you’re going. While people have become used to stopping to ask people for directions, in such a scenario, this wastes precious time – especially if you aren’t that good at understanding verbal directions (like many people).

In that case, you might find yourself going in every direction except the right way, driving over the same road multiple times before, eventually, you arrive at your destination exhausted and tired-looking- not the best presentation for a business meeting, or even to visit friends, and family. A simple, economical solution to this is to utilize GPS technology. GPS technology has helped pinpoint people’s location for years but Omnitech Portable GPS systems go one step further. They can actually give you driving directions both in readable form and in audio format.

Models come with built-in maps of the entire United States, and Canada, which are displayed beautifully on a 4.3 inch touch screen in full vivid colour. As mentioned before, it gives audio directions so you don’t have to take your eyes of the road, or pull over, to get new information.

The device is very cheap by GPS standards, $89.99 at best, and comes with the full quality of a more expensive model. The touch screen which, in some other GPS devices, responds poorly on a whole, works excellently on the Omnitech. Unlike other, more expensive, devices that require you to press down hard for them to register each contact, the lightest fingertip touch will evoke quick response from the device.

The device’s physical structure, and design, is superb. It is lightweight and easy to carry around in the smallest of bags. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, on the go, necessary for a device often used while driving. The touch screen helps again in this respect in that it puts less strain on the fingers (that could cause repetitive strain injuries) than button keypads.

In addition, the aforementioned audio capability is excellent, especially considering the cheapness of the device. Some other models have spotty text-to-speech converters, and can be hard to understand, but the Omnitech deliver clear, audible directions – completely removing the need to look at it again once the desired address has been entered.

As for the cosmetic bonuses, the LCD screen has a precise 320 x 240 resolution, with an extensive colour palette, all adding up to a pretty picture on the device’s relatively large screen. This also minimizes eye strain caused by less advanced displays.

The GPS receiver, the reason you would buy the device, is fast and efficient. It downloads necessary data rapidly and delivers it to the processor that seamlessly interprets it into the driving directions you need, all in a split second.

Finally, the device comes with a complete user manual, on CD, that teaches those unfamiliar with GPS technology how to use the device and make best use of its advanced features. Also, the device comes equipped with an SD memory card reader, along with a 1 GB memory card, right out of the box. It has excellent battery life and comes with a travel charger and a neat carry bag.

A GPS system can make going from place to place much less of a hassle, removing the need to ask for repeated directions, or fiddle with road maps. With traffic the way it is nowadays, who needs the stress of figuring out where to go, or the wasted gas, and time, sitting in traffic going the wrong way? An Omnitech Portable GPS can solve these problems, cheaply, and in a user-friendly, efficient way.

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