Omelette Maker

Omelettes are in themselves an easy recipe to cook. The simplest omelette contains eggs and salt, and variations can be added to it by adding in pepper, milk, or fillings such as salamis, cheese, chopped onions or other vegetables of choice. While an omelette can be cooked and flipped by hands using a traditional frying pan, most people find it easier to achieve this with the help of an omelette maker.

There are three different variations of the omelette makers – electronic omelette makers, microwave oven omelette makers and oven top omelette makers. Electronic omelette makers are similar to sandwich makers and work by heating the egg mixtures when electricity is plugged in to the device. Electronic omelette makers have non-stick molds and deeper panels to allow for minimum spilling of eggs. These devices heat both sides of the omelette uniformly to allow for an evenly-cooked, perfect omelette. Electronic omelette makers are the second-cheapest amongst the three types, and can be used to cook, or grill, other food as well, such as for making sandwiches or pancakes. These are great choices for college students who do not have easy access to the stove, or do not want to cook breakfast early in the morning.

A microwave oven omelette maker is the easiest to use amongst the three mentioned above, and is also the cheapest one. Microwave omelette makers contain plastic bowls in the shape of kidneys joined together with hinges. These are easy to use and clean, as they can be flushed under hot water unlike the electronic counterparts. Microwave omelette makers have nonsticky surfaces and help to cook up perfectly good omelettes with simplicity. They are easy to carry, and can be taken out when travelling or out for a picnic as well.

Oven top omelette makers are like frying pans split up in halves. These are the most expensive kind of omelette makers in which one half can be flipped into the other to make a great omelette that has been cooked just right. The pans are made of non-stick materials, and therefore should be used with care since steel or metal utensils can damage the non-stick surface. These can also be used to heat or cook pancakes and crepes along with omelettes. However, some of these omelette makers can be a little cumbersome to use, and may take some getting used to for first-timers.

All the three types of omelette makers can be easily found in shops, and can also be bought online. There are many different brands that offer omelette makers. Some of these include Elite Gourmet electric Omelette Maker priced at $39.99, Salton OM22 Electric Omelette Maker at about $19.99; KittAmor Microwave Omelette Maker at $6.99, Progressive International Microwaveable Omelette Maker at $7.62; Nordic Ware Omelette maker at $24.95. All these products have been rated well and have received good reviews, except for certain exceptions regarding first-time users. Some of these omelette-makers need to be gotten used to, especially the oven top kind, where it is difficult to decide when the pan should be flipped. The prices of these omelette makers vary from dealer to dealers, and can be subject to sale or discount offers. These can be bought online but will include a shipping charge in that case.

A number of people might ask why they should but an omelette maker when the job can be done just as easily with a good old frying pan. Omelette makers save time and are perfectly shaped and sized in order to cook the perfect omelette every time, which might be hard to achieve when done manually. Most of the omelette makers are easy to use and clean, and many come with additional features such as egg poachers. Some of them even fulfill multiple cooking purposes. Therefore it can be said that omelette makers are good appliances to be invested on, after all they do not cost anymore than any other kitchen utensils or appliances that are already present in the kitchen.

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