Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus digital cameras are one of the top brands of digital cameras on the market today. Known for their versatility and cutting edge technology, Olympus digital cameras are made by a company so ambitious that it was named after the home of the god’s themselves – Mount Olympus.

Contrary to images that Mount Olympus might conjure up, Olympus is actually a Japanese company that was founded in 1919 in Tokyo under the name Takachiho Seisakusho. The name change to Olympus did not come until 1949, when the company became the Olympus Optical Company, Ltd. As of 2003, the company has been the Olympus Corporation. Though the company went through several name changes, it has always been a leader in the field of optics and lens design, making it no wonder that they so readily embraced the technology that led to Olympus digital cameras.

Olympus currently offers a wide range of compact digital cameras in a variety of complexities and price ranges. One recent model is the Olympus SP-590 UZ. This model of Olympus digital camera is known for its extra long zoom. At 26x, it has the longest zoom currently on the market, making it ideal for nature photographers or anyone else who wants to photograph far off locations with clarity. The wide angle also ensures that you will not have to sacrifice quality when getting up close and personal to your pictures. Further, with its 12 megapixel resolution, this model of Olympus digital camera allows users to create their own photo-quality, poster sized prints. The SP 590 UZ also has a reputation for extreme toughness, making this the ideal camera for anyone snapping pictures in rough conditions. These models range in price from $288 and up.

When it comes to toughness, though, the Olympus Tough 8000 is considered the granddaddy of all Olympus digital cameras. The camera is marketed as “waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, crushproof, shakeproof, and all around lifeproof,” but unfortunately, toughness may be the camera’s main feature. Users have complained that all that toughness does not make up for poor photo quality as compared to other digital cameras on the market today. These models range in price from $365 and up.

The E-520 is another top of the line Olympus digital camera model. Camera buffs will appreciate this camera’s most interesting feature – the new contrast detection AF mode, which allows the camera to autofocus even when the mirror is in the up position. This model of Olympus digital camera also offers sensor-shift image stabilization and Olympus’s trademarked Supersonic Wave Filter to rid the sensor of dust particles. As with other models in Olympus’ E-series, this camera is a good pick for novices and expert camera buffs alike. These models range in price from $450 and up.

On the more affordable end of the Olympus digital camera price range is the Olympus Stylus 1010 model. It is billed as a point and shoot camera that anyone in the family can easily pick up and use, and comes packed with all the features we expect in a modern digital camera – from face stabilization, a 7x zoom, and a preview mode. These cameras run from about $120 up, but, as with all prices in this article, they may change as soon as new technologies arrive.

Along with fellow camera company Kodak, Olympus created the Four Thirds System for digital single lens reflex (DSRL) design and development. Basically, this system allows camera users to exchange lenses between different cameras from multiple manufacturers. This standard was designed to be an open standard so that all camera manufacturers could create parts that would fit, though access to the standard will only be granted after manufacturers sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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