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Businesses, be it small or large cannot function properly without services that are related to office machines such as printers, copiers, binding appliances etc. In terms of running successfully, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, if a business has its own office service department, it is generally touted to be a big competitive advantage. There are numerous forms of office machines varying in size, functions and cost that can help you run your business smoothly. Amongst them some of the must-have office machines are stated below:

Book binding machines and related supplies – If you work in a publishing firm you must be familiar with such machines as they are known to swiftly and efficiently bind books and papers in a matter of minutes. Other supplies in the same category are spiral binding machines, padding equipments and booklet makers. Some of the most useful machines come from the brands Akiles, AlphaBind, FlexiPunch and EcoBind.

The brand Akiles is known to make state of the art binding machines whereas AlphaBind and EcoBind are popular for its comb binding machines. FlexiPunch is the god of them all as it combines all the equipment causes into one which basically means one gets to choose between combing, binding and spiraling, all available in one machine.

Paper cutters- Cutting paper isn’t as easy as you think it might be especially when the amount of paper to be cut amount to numerous heights. Paper machines such as cutters and trimmers makes that job much easier and faster rather then letting you cut them slowly and manually. Other machines that fall into the paper machine group are corner rounding, foam trimmers, paper drills and paper perforators. The elite machine that cuts through just about anything, the FSC Substrate Cutter is a must-buy for big businesses. It is very efficient and cuts systematically using laser beams, through many materials such as plastic, aluminum, econolite, acrylic, foamboard, glass and more. Other similar machines are the ones that come from respective brands Titan and Gemini Pro. Both are known to cut through the default materials such as fabric, plastic, vinyl, banners and paper.

Paper shredders- In order to prevent identity theft, every office must have a paper shredder that gets rid of receipts, personal information, bills, bank statements, credit card applications and more. These paper shredders can range from CD shredders to high security shredders to cardboard shredders. Destroy-it is the most efficient brand when it comes to ripping top secret and highly confidential papers as its form of destruction almost reduces the paper to dust.

Laminators – Laminators are needed in every small business for the preservation of important documents, issuing of posters and photos and business cards. They are not expensive and are even less economical to use. However it is best to choose a competent laminator for your office as once broken it becomes costly to fix and also much of the consumer revenue is lost. Lamination supplies range from pouch to roll laminators. Some of the best rated laminators are as follows: ARL2700 27″ Roll Laminator, Banner American EasyLam II 27″ Roll Laminator, Pinnacle 27″ & 27″ EZLoad Roll Laminators, Ledco HD 25 Workhorse Heavy Duty 25″ Roll Laminator and the Tahsin TCC2700 Roll Laminator.

Money counters and counterfeit detectors –For big businesses earning a lot of profit counting money can be easily implemented with the help of money counters instead of being counted manually. They are proficient and accurate in what they do and nowadays most of them have built-in counterfeit detectors which detects if the money inserted is fake or not. The ABC-1150 Ultra is a perfect example as it uses UV and MG detection rays on each bill and if any ultraviolet properties or magnetic ink are not found a particular bill, it will alert you by stopping the process.

Printing and Duplicator equipment –The difference between a digital duplicator and a normal copier is that, every copy that is digitally copied becomes an original copy, and such digital duplication is known to save 33% as opposed to normal copy machines. These are perfect for churches, schools and other organizations that duplicate large quantities of documents. They are also known to be very lucrative because they produce high-volume duplicating and allows you to scan and print as well. They are seen to be of great use in places such as schools, government agencies, churches and hospitals.

The high-quality Standard SD360 Digital Duplicator is one of the most effective duplicator machines as it produces high volume copies in multiple usages. Features include 300dpi images and 130 sheets per minutes copy speed. It is affordable and economic to use and is perfect for usage by any school, church, office or institution.

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