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Fans of Nokia mobile phones love them for their sleek design, intelligent features, and long lasting durability. Search any forum or chat room dedicated to mobile technology, and you will find Nokia mobile phone lovers willing to confess to hanging on to their Nokia 6310’s – a model introduced at the turn of the last century – even today. Taking into account the accelerated pace at which mobile phone technology is evolving, these dedicated Nokia phone fans prefer to hang on to downright dinosaurs rather than switch to another brand of mobile phone.

But mobile phone users do not have to sacrifice the latest technology for the sake of a Nokia mobile phone. Despite increased competition from competitors like Apple, Nokia mobile phones remain the best selling mobile phones in the world. And even though Nokia mobile phones already hold a 38% market share, Nokia’s mobile phone division is not standing still. Nokia recently launched the E61 and E71, a direct response to the popular organizing device, the Blackberry. And, in response to the increasing demand for touch screen phones, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as a Nokia’s mobile phone response to Apple’s iPhone.

The Nokia E61 was one of the first slim and sleek smart phones to hit the market. For Nokia mobile phone fans, or mobile phone users who simply wanted a slimmer sexier alternative to clunky Blackberries, the Nokia E61 did not disappoint. Better yet, this Nokia offering outshone the Blackberry and its ilk in almost every way. The Nokia E61 featured a dependable operating system, Blue tooth capability, and a full QWERTY thumb keyboard for busy professional not in the texting habit. And most temptingly of all, the Nokia E61 was one of the first multifunctional smart phones to feature WiFi capability, instantly beating out not only the Blackberry, but the Palm Treo and the Motorola Q. Coming fully equipped with applications to read and amend Microsoft Word documents and a fully functional web browser, Nokia mobile phone loving professionals were ready to get to work.

But just when Nokia Mobile phone fans thought they had found the smart phone of their dreams in the Nokia E61, Nokia blew their own previous device out of the water by introducing the Nokia E71. This model proved even sleeker and slimmer than the Nokia E61’s .55″, and not only that, but the Nokia E71 offered even more functionality for the busy professional. Internet capabilities proved extremely fast and responsive, and intensive users reported that the QWERTY keyword was now more functional than ever, allowing for a first time user to pick it up and immediately type 35 words per minute. No lag web browsing, combined with a 16 million color screen, allowed users to view everything from large Microsoft Office Documents to YouTube videos on their Nokia mobile phone without a hint of a problem.

Nokia mobile phones are well-loved by fans, but no electronic device comes without its share of problems. Recently Nokia pulled its Nokia 5800 XpressMusic smart phone from its flagship store in Manhattan when it was found that the device had problems connecting to 3G networks in York and Chicago. Fortunately for European users, who have proven to be some of the biggest fans of the Finnish company’s devices, the bug seemed to be contained only in these two North American markets. Whether heralding Nokia mobile phones as tiny pieces of art or slipping sleek smartphone models into briefcases to get a little extra work done outside the office, it is clear that Nokia mobile phones will have a contingent of rabid fans for a long time to come.

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