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Google and Apple are two dominant names in the tech industry but they have rarely crossed paths. Apple has been very successful with various products such as portable media players, laptops, and more. One of the most successful Apple products is without a doubt the iPhone. There has been almost no serious competition for this product so far. However, this has changed just recently as Google has released the Nexus One phone.

Google’s Nexus One phone has just recently released and it is already getting a lot of attention. The retail price ranges from $530 to $670 depending on the retailer you deal with. Now, more importantly, lets look into the details of the phone.

Nexus One Specifications
The measurements of the Nexus One phone is roughly the following: height – 4.7in, width – 2.35in, and depth – .45in. The phone weighs 100 grams without the battery. The battery adds 30 grams. Total weight: 130 grams.

The phone features a 3.7in touchscreen (widescreen). This is a diagonal measurement of the display screen. The screen also operates at 800 x 480 pixels and has a 100 000:1 contrast ratio.

The camera built in to the Nexus One phone is 5 megapixels (definition) and offers autofocus (6cm or more), 2X digital zoom, LED flash, and more. The video recording feature operates at 720 x 480 pixels and processes at 20fps or more. The frames per second number will vary based on the lighting around you. One excellent feature of the camera on this phone is that the GPS within the phone can stamp the photos. This optional feature will allow you to mark a location on every photo you take.

The battery life in the Nexus One phone is relatively decent but it will vary depending on the model you purchase. The battery life of a 2G phone is lower than that of a 3G phone. A full battery life can last for 7-10hrs of talking, 7hrs of video playback, 20hrs of audio playback, 5-6.5hrs of Internet use, and 250-290hrs of being on standby. Keep in mind that there are a number of variables that will play a role in how long your battery life lasts.

The Nexus One phone includes a 512MB internal flash drive. This may seem to be rather small to many people and may be an issue. The operating system alone will take up quite a bit of space, probably around 350MB. When installing applications you are stuck with having to save them to the internal flash drive. This is the one major flaw in the Nexus One phone that is not an issue with Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone allows you to save the applications to the main hard drive. The application memory space should not be a major deciding factor for most people though. Usually this will be more than enough space for saving applications, especially if you do not download them recklessly.

Also, Google has already notified customers that they are currently working on patching this issue. Eventually they will release a solution which will allow you to save applications within the SD card. If you were to buy the Nexus One phone and download a lot of apps, chances are you will still have some space by the time the patch is released.

Google Services
Google’s Nexus One phone was designed to integrate their services with the phone conveniently. For instance, look at the Google search voice command feature. This is offered by both the iPhone and Blackberry but is not as convenient or reliable. With the Nexus One phone, it is integrated conveniently in the design and easy to access.

When you load up your Nexus One phone you will be prompted to provide your Google account log-in information. Once you do so, you will be logged in to most Google services. This includes your GMail account.

One extremely cool feature with the Google Nexus One phone is that it incorporates previous searches when making fresh ones. Most people would pass this off as an expected feature, but Google takes it to another extent. When logged into your Google account on your desktop or laptop computer, it will save your search history. This history will not just be saved on your computer, but rather your Google account as well. This will be visible on your Nexus One phone and when making a new search you will be suggested your previous searches as well.

The Google Nexus One phone is designed to be completely compatible with your Google account and various Google services. For instance, you can get all notifications, alerts, or reminders via phone that were set in your Google calendar.

This product has literally just been released to the public and there are limited reviews at this moment. There are still many upgrades and add-ons to come. You may want to wait a few months before purchasing the Nexus One phone. However, from what we have seen, it seems very promising and should be a good investment when shopping for a new phone.

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