Network Media Player

A network media player is a media streamer that can be used to view all different kinds of media. One will allow you to stream live music, videos from the internet or other network to your HDTV or on your laptop or computer. You can also view your photos on your HDTV with one from a local storage hard drive. There are no drivers to download and you can use WiFi to connect to the network if you want. You can use your network media player to listen to internet radio on your TV with surround sound and You Tube videos can be streamed to the television screen as well. There are all kinds of network media players on the market. Most major electronic companies have one or more models to choose from. The network media player is a portable device that does not have room for storage. They require a connection to a USB storage device so you will need an external hard drive to store all of your music, movies and photos. One made by Western Digital is a live network media player that can be used for streaming media and wireless networking. This is actually the very first network media player that is compatible with Windows 7. The WD Live network media player can access your play list in Windows media player on Windows 7. It has a “play to” feature that will stream music and videos to your big screen television.

A network media player is able to understand and translate video and audio codecs in all kinds of formats. View files from your local multimedia files and even other ones that you have stored on the internet with a network media player. If you want to solve the problem on how to get you the music you have stored on y our computer a network media player will do it. These media players are also called digital audio receivers, digital media adapters, etc. Xbox 360 and PS3 are also used as network media players and you do not need a dedicated network music player if you use them.

The Netgear EVA8000 network media player has HDMI and component-video ports. It has optical digital audio out for surround sound. A network port is built in and it is capable of WiFi. One USB port is in the front and the other is in the back so you can hook up an external storage device. This network media player can function as a stand alone device and is easy to set up. However, the file indexing is time consuming on this media player. The EGREAT EG-R1 HDTV Streaming Network Media Player is another option for you. It comes with a Realtec 1073 Chipset and an HDMI cable. It also has an optional SATA 3.5 with storage of up to 2000GB. It is compatible with Formats: DTS VOB DVD-ISO DivX Xivd RMVB MKV AVCHD H.264 M2TS MPEG4 BD-ISO. With this network media player you can stream content from any network or the internet. It comes with a WiFi dongle and you can live stream RSS news or to your television or watch YouTube, etc.

There are various other network media players on the market. Before you buy one you can go to various forums online and read what people are saying about the ones they have purchased. This is a good way to help decide which one will suit your needs best. You can also read various reviews for each product you are thinking of buying. With a network video player there is no need to be restricted to your lap top or computer to view your files, music or videos any longer.

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