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For people who are not computer geeks or who have no idea what a network bridge is, you can go online and search the internet to learn all about it. You may not understand what you are reading though and would gain a better understanding of it by actually talking to another person who is knowledgeable about what a network bridge is. A short explanation about what a network bridge is and who needs to have one built and why, is explained below.

A short and to the point definition on what a network bridge is can be simply explained by saying that it is a device that is built between two or more computers using different networks so that they can share resources and information by talking to each other.

In other words, if your business has several computers on different servers you can connect them all by the use of a network bridge. A network bridge will allow more than one computer to talk to each other and share information. The networks can be different types and do not have to be the using the same server. If your business is located in more than one building, you can connect the computers in each building by building a network bridge and connect the LAN segments.

Businesses that you may not even think about when it comes to the need for a network bridge include such fields as Law Enforcement, prisons, jails, the military and other government offices. Computers in the various departments need to use a network bridge to share vital information between them. As you can see, the need to connect various networks can lead to an exhaustive list of who has the need for it.

Most schools will need to connect their computers by a network bridge too. Colleges and Universities and school districts usually have their own LAN and will want to have the ability to connect personal computers, workstations and servers. If it is a large school, it usually will have a LAN for each building and then need to connect them all together so that inter-department information can be shared with other computers.

All of these businesses hire network administrators to set up their networking systems and build a network bridge wherever it is needed to ensure the computers can communicate. Even personal home computers will need to have a network bridge if there are several computers used by various members of the family who need to connect networks.

If you have no idea how to build a network bridge so that you and connect all of your computers, you really should hire an expert network administrator to do it for you. Computer network administrators have gone to school to learn how to connect LAN’s by a network bridge. It may not seem like a complicated task to them, but for the average person with no schooling in network administration, it can be very complex.

The career field of computer networking administrator is a growing field as more and more businesses realize that they can operate much more efficiently by connecting their computers so that they can communicate easily with each other.

The amazing fact is that many so called computer geeks who have had no official schooling can build their own network bridge. Some teens are even building a network bridge on their own to connect their Xbox and PC or between their PC and their blue tooth device. Young people that can do this are the types that computer networking and network bridge building just seem to come as a natural talent they are born with.

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