NAS Adapter

An NAS or network attached storage device will allow you to share, back up and store files from different computers in your home. The NAS drive will connect to your wireless home network router using an Ethernet cable and will allow different laptops and other internet-ready devices to use a Wi-Fi networking drive. It is important to note that an NAS adapter is not like an external hard drive. The NAS adapter includes its own processor and uses an operating system all on its own that allows it to share and store music, video and other files. Makers of these adapters have designed them for home use of backing up specific data, allowing data and files to be stored in a more central location and providing remote access to files such as video, music and photos.

Using an NAS adapter will allow your household to create a library of videos, music and photos that all computers on your home network can share. You can also stream these files to HD televisions and other devices that are networked in your home. Using a device such as a PlayStation 3, Xbox Live or other digital media adapter will allow you to stream your digital files to a number of networked devices.

If you need extra storage for your home office or your home computer files, an NAS adapter is a good choice. Many companies that offer these adapters also offer different features that may have more benefits over others. Of course, with more features also typically comes a higher price tag. Before you run out and purchase an NAS adapter, you need to determine just what you need with regards to storage. At any price, NAS adapters provide a wealth of benefits over external hard drives.

Keep in mind that although the actual access of data on an NAS adapter is done by a network cable, they are very sturdy and strong devices. The servers can actually completely replace a Microsoft server and run your entire network if you want. It is also important to note that Gigabit networking is much faster than a local USB. You will likely get a Gigabit network port, depending on the model that you choose. If this is important to you be certain to check before you put in your NAS adapter to see what you are getting.

Higher quality NAS devices offer reliability. They use the highest quality of hard drives to ensure that you get the most for your money. When you purchase an NAS adapter, be certain that you are getting what you pay for. Check for RAID technology. This technology is typically offered in most network attached storage devices and allows for at least one and sometimes two or more, hard drives to completely fail without a loss of data. If you do experience a crash, you will receive instructions to replace the failed drive quickly so that you do not completely lose any data.

An NAS adapter will allow you to share data much more easily between different computers. You can even share information and files between Linux and Mac computers. Security is typically built in and is configurable by the administrator of the network. Whether you are considering an NAS adapter for home networking or for a small business, they provide a much easier way to share and access files across different devices while providing security as well. Of course pricing is going to vary depending on the specific model that you choose as well as the manufacturer and any extras that may come included. Be certain that you purchase from a reliable source or at least attempt to receive some sort of warranty when you do purchase.

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