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Your children’s health and well-being is most likely to be one of the most important things that you ever need to consider. The majority of parents lead very busy lifestyles and will often have to rely on some form of childcare or a nanny. Many of these parents consider installing an in-home surveillance device such as a nanny cam to keep an eye on their children and the people who are taking care of them. There are many different types of nanny cam available however the majority are wireless devices that can be hidden pretty much anywhere. Many people choose to hide these cameras in a household item such as a plant or even one of the children’s stuffed animals.

You can purchase a basic camera that offers remote computer access for approximately $50-$100. The more advanced models carry digital systems which will send live video images directly to a computer or cell phone. These retail in excess of $500. However can you really put a price on your child’s safety and your own peace of mind? There have been numerous studies conducted on the use of nanny cams and in general the majority of care providers would rather know that they are being recorded. It is not that they are against being videotaped with your child, but more a feeling of not being trusted and being deceived.

Nanny cams are not merely used for childcare purposes and can be used for pretty much anything that you wish to see going on in your home. Perhaps you have a cleaner, or are away on business a lot and use the services of a house sitter. A nanny cam will provide you with far more security and once again peace of mind. One thought that may have entered your mind is whether it is legal to use a hidden camera in your home. You can put your mind at rest as it is indeed legal to use a hidden camera. However one very important consideration is that the following states make it illegal for you to record a person’s speech without their prior consent – California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Nanny cams are not just used at home but have made their way into many day care centers. This will not only help the staff and employees of the day care centers, but will provide you, as a parent, the ability to spot check and view your child while you’re at work. Although you may not take advantage of using a nanny cam all the time, I’m sure you’ll agree it is a great benefit to be able to login and check on your children whenever you wish.

You can purchase a nanny cam or a specific general surveillance camera from most electrical stores. However if you are specifically looking for the high end models or even the ones that are disguised as a stuffed animal you will probably be better off purchasing this off the Internet or a specialty store. You have a choice of a digital nanny cam which has a hidden digital video recorder that will record images onto an SD card. As mentioned, there is the live view Web Cam which allows you to immediately view images from your cell phone or over the Internet. The wireless variety will usually use a VCR or may be used as a live view Web cam. There is also the hard wired variety which can be connected directly to a VCR and more recently car cams have been introduced. This is obviously for use in vehicles, but will have a specific battery life.

If you are on the lookout for a disguised nanny cam they come in many varieties. These can range from digital picture frames, air purifiers, computer speakers, clocks, entertainment centers, bags and even plants. For these high-end disguised models you are generally looking at spending anywhere from $200 up to $1000. However if you are merely looking for a basic model you should be up to purchase one for under $50.

Although it is something that you may never wish to think about, there have been numerous news stories that have centered around the use of nanny cams. These hidden cameras have actually recorded a child carer abusing a child and the “evidence” produced by the nanny cam has been used in court at a later date to either prove the innocence or guilt of a suspected child abuser. Whatever your reason for purchasing a nanny cam, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an essential device that any parent should not be without.

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  1. Constantine T says:

    There are indeed a wide variety of nanny cams on the market, and a broad range of prices as well. Nanny cams are definitely handy in keeping an eye on your kids, but do not mistake that it is the ultimate response to abusive babysitters. While nanny cams are helpful in obtaining evidence or just keeping an eye on kids, it is ultimately the parents whom need to take ownership in carrying out preventative measures instead of relying extensively on nanny cams. When hiring babysitters, a good and tough interview, extensive background / reference checks are a good first line of defence. Also you may want to check with your local authorities to ensure that the babysitter does not have any criminal background. It’s as simple as using common sense and it is senseless to hire someone that you don’t trust for the sake of hiring someone fast. But I would also say that nanny cams, although do not stop babysitters from abusing kids, do provide peace of mind to parents, but only to a certain degree. Exercising good judgement when hiring nannies is key!

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