Nacho Machine

Nachos are a popular Mexican food that is very easy to make. You can make them at home with or without a Nacho machine. Most people don’t know this, but the person who invented nachos was Ignacio Anaya. He was working at a restaurant when he invented them in 1943. He called them “Nacho Especiales.” They are named after Ingacio, the shortened from of his first name being Nacho. Nachos are fried tortilla chips that have melted cheese poured over the top of them. They are normally garnished with jalapeños. Nowadays, when nachos are made in mass a nacho machine is usually used to melt the cheese. You can make single servings by melting nacho cheese in your microwave oven.

You can rent a nacho machine at a party rental company for parties, which is always a going to be a big party hit these days. Most party stores are a good place to get the supplies you will need to make large quantities of nachos. If you rent a nacho machine for your party make sure you purchase enough supplies for the number of guests you will be having. You can go into most convenience stores now and see a nacho machine being used for nachos now. This snack is very quick, easy to make and extremely popular with convenience food consumers. Both kids and adults love nachos. There are all kinds of nacho cheese machines and dispensers on the market today. Many are for commercial use, but you can also find a nacho machine for home kitchens. Kids love having a nacho machine at home for a quick and easy, no mess clean up snack.

The most popular one for home kitchens and parties is the Gold Medal Nacho Cheese Dispenser. This is an all electric nacho machine that is small enough to sit on the kitchen counter. You can buy large bags of nacho cheese to use in it so it is good for party too. It will actually hold two large plastic bags of nacho cheese. The warmed cheese is extracted out of the air tight bag. Having the bag air tight extends the shelf life of the cheese so you do not have to worry about spoilage. The machine warms the cheese for you. All you have to do is push a button on it while holding a bowl full of tortilla chips under the spout and the warm cheese is dispensed over the top of them. This machine requires very little cleaning. No cheese clean up is necessary since the nacho cheese is kept in an air tight plastic bag that can be thrown away when empty. A second bag can be pre heating inside so this nacho machine is perfect for large parties as well as family snack use. The Gold Medal nacho cheese dispenser will work with any brand of bagged cheese.

Another nacho machine made by Gold Medal is their model # 5330. This nacho machine hold pre measured sealed cups of nacho cheese inside the machine. The cheese is kept at a warm 145 degrees. This nacho machine would be a good one for an office or small retail business environment. There is another one that is called the Chip and Cheese Combo Warmer that is made by Gold Medal. It holds and warms both the chips and the cheese. It has room for over 150 ounces of tortilla chips on the bottom and a standard heated spout pump to dispense the warmed cheese. This kind of nacho machine is usually found in restaurants and convenience stores. There are other kinds of nacho machines that have a stainless steel bowl for the cheese which is warmed by hot water. It comes with a ladle to dip into the warm cheese to draw it out and then pour over the tortilla chips. There are various other models on the market as well.

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