Multi Handset Phones

Cordless phones are certainly useful gadgets to have around the home or office. Despite the incredible growth in cell phone sales in recent years, there is still strong demand for cordless phones. For anyone who needs more than one cordless handset, there are also multi handset phones available. These are just packages with two or more handsets included, at a price which is more affordable than buying the handsets separately. Multi handset phones are a more economical choice for large households and small businesses, where everyone usually wants a cordless phone of their own.

Cell phones are portable and convenient but they can also be expensive if used frequently. A cordless phone is a better option for the home or office because it provides most of the functions of a cell phone without the high call costs. It can even be hooked up to a computer and used to make calls over the internet that cost next to nothing. Cordless phone handsets are lightweight and small enough to be carried from room to room, but it’s even more convenient when there is a handset in every room. Multi handset phones are ideal for large homes with many rooms, and they can even be used as a basic intercom system.

The most important feature to look for when comparing multi handset phones is their DECT version. The main role of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard is to improve reception and reduce interference, but it’s also good for preventing phone calls from being intercepted. DECT uses digital technology to scramble the radio signal before it is sent over the air. When it reaches the base station, it is unscramble and the call is sent down the phone line as normal. In the past, it was a simple task to listen in on cordless phones in the local area. The radio signals were not changed in any way, so an inexpensive radio scanner could quickly find any calls being made, and even a baby monitor could be used if it was on the same frequency.

Nearly all the multi handset phones currently available are equipped with DECT technology, but there are still a few inexpensive phones being sold that do not have DECT. Other useful features to look for in a cordless phone are an illuminated display, electronic address book, caller identification, volume control, and a mute button. The ability to add an extra phone line is also desirable, especially for multi handset phones that are used by many people. Like car keys, handsets are forever being misplaced, so a handset finder is another good feature to have. With a press of a button on the base station, all the handsets begin to ring at once, making it easier to find the ones that are missing.

Multi handset phones are no more difficult to install than regular cordless phones, the only difference being that there are more handsets to place around the rooms. Each handset needs a base to keep it batteries fully charged, and each base needs a wall socket for its power adapter. However, there is no wiring between the handsets and the base station, which is plugged into the phone lines and a power adapter. It make take several hours for the handset batteries to be fully charge, as they will probably be flat if they have been in storage for a long time. The volume and ring tone on each handset may need to be changed from the factory settings, and the electronic address book can be loaded with numbers if required.

The maximum number of handsets that a base station supports is typically higher than the number of handsets provided in the box. Additional handsets are inexpensive and readily available, and they can be quickly added or removed at any time. Some models can even support more than ten handsets, which should be enough for even the largest households. Older cordless phones are plagued by poor sound quality and dropouts caused by interference from other devices, such as fluorescent lights and microwave ovens. Digital technology has all but eliminated these annoying problems, but the growing popularity of wireless gadgets may result in future problems as the radio spectrum becomes more crowded.

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