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There is no such thing as an .mp5 file. However, there are MP5 players. Unlike MP3 players, they aren’t named for the file they can run. Instead, each successive “MP” player is able to perform and increasing number of functions. For example, MP3 players can only play music. An MP4 player can play music, videos and pictures. And MP5 player can usually take pictures as well. Any variation or successor to MP3 players is just a marketing tool; there is no official definition for an MP5 player, and in some countries, digital media players are marketed as high as MP12.

MP5, in the digital marketplace, usually indicates that a media player can do more than simply play music and display a video-worthy picture. What those additional functions are just depends on the individual device. Some can take pictures. Others can browse the internet or use Bluetooth technology. However, most MP5 players are just MP4 players that are compatible with a large variety of different file types. In the latter case, the MP5 player is usually able to run these files without having to convert them to a different kind of file, as is usually the case many media players, especially those that also play videos.

Most MP5 players have the advantage of being compatible with all real player formats, something that had been missing from most MP4 players. REAL formatting is the file type used by much of the video and audio and video that is found on the internet. With an MP5 player, it’s possible to download that content directly onto its hard drive and play it, a major convenience as opposed to having to reformat the file. This is also true with any other file type that MP5 players are able to run. The ability to download directly to the MP5 player and play without any conversion can be a major time-saver if this is something that you use portable media player for a lot.

While the MP5 designation is definitely a marketing ploy, the main question is whether and MP5 is worth the price for consumers. That’s a harder question, and is largely dependent on your preference and what the device is able to do. For most people, features like the increased compatibility with different types of video isn’t worth getting excited about, especially on a screen as small as those found on MP5 players. However, some people do watch a lot of movies on the road, and an MP5 player can be a genuinely convenient device for that market.

On the other hand, MP5 players don’t typically hold very much memory, so there is a limit to just how much more convenient one can be. Most don’t hold much more than 20 GB. That’s enough to hold 20 movies, so it’s enough memory to last a trip, but between music, movies, pictures, and other miscellaneous files, 20 GB can be used up very quickly. Compared with an iPod classic, for example, an MP5 player loses a lot of ground in available space.

The good thing about MP5 players is that they usually don’t cost much at all. It’s actually pretty easy to find an MP5 player for less than $100. Suddenly, the comparison to an iPod is much better for an MP5 player. In the end, the price is probably the best case for an MP5 player. If you like having a lot of features in a portable media player, but don’t want to pay a steep price for one, an MP5 player might be the right way to go. They won’t cost much more than an MP4 player either, although whether than $5-$10 difference is justifiable just depends on how you get your video and audio.

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