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At work, in the gym, on the road … when it comes to MP# players, listening to music will never be the same. No longer do we have to invest in CDs that take-up space and require exquisite care. Now all we have to do is take care of these micro-sized MP3 devices, which hold hours on top of hours of music in its tiny little memory chip.

There are countless options to choose from when picking out an MP3 player. From the most basic, generic device to the most popular model out there, the Apple iPod, there are unlimited choices when it comes to size, color and style. There are two types of MP3 players out there, hard-drive based and flash-based. Hard-drive-based players are huge on memory, and a high memory model can contain every song you’ve ever owned. From 20 gigabytes up to models such as the 120 GB Apple iPod Classic that can hold as many as 30,000 songs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hard-drive-based players. There are even models, such as the Microsoft Zune, that can play large amounts of music and videos.

The benefit of a hard-drive based player is that you can store all of your music on one device, a larger viewer window and more value per gigabyte of storage space. However, these models are clunkier and aren’t recommended for use during strenuous activity. Hard drive models use rechargeable batteries that you need a professional to help you replace. Flash-based players are shockproof and have no movable parts. A very popular model is the iRiver Clix. These are smaller in memory capacity.

When shopping for an MP3 player, think about how much memory you need. Will you be using this device at the gym? If so, the MP3 player needs to be small, easy to use and easy to clip on to athletic clothing. Consider these types of models:

The Apple iPod Touch is a second generation, 8-gigabyte device is considered one of the best of the flash memory MP3 players. The Apple iPod Nano is a fourth generation, 16 GB device that is considered among one of the best in small MP# players. The Microsoft Zune is a third-generation, 120 GB that is considered one of the best hard drive MP3 players.

The Archos 605 WiFi is a 30 GB device that is considered one of the best portable video players. The Sony NWZ-S738F Walkman is an 8 GB device that is considered one of the best among flash memory players. The following are good MP3 players for the budget conscious:

The SanDisk Sansa Fuze is a 2-gigabyte device with smooth design, a simple user interface, a lot of features and options for expanding memory. The SanDisk Sansa Clip is a 1-gigabyte device that is good for the gym and has a good sound quality. The Creative Zen Mozaic is a 2-gigabyte device with really good sound quality, a good user interface and many features. It also has a stylish design.

The Creative Zen Stone is simple and has limited features, and is recommended as a secondary device or a good first-time MP3 player. The Philips GoGear Spark is a stylish, 2-gigabyte device that has good features and useability. The Sony NWZ-B133F Walkman is an ultracompact, 1-gigabyte device that is an excellent choice for the gym.

The entry-level Sony B-Series Walkman is a solid choice for the gym thanks to its ultracompact design, quick charge function, and integrated FM tuner–but beware the eye strain. The Apple iPod Shuffle is a second-generation, 1-gigabyte is very small and simple.

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