MP3 Karaoke Player

If you are like many people who enjoy singing along with music and love a night out with the karaoke machines, you already know that you use a microphone to sing along with the music while you follow the lyrics on a video screen. Amazing technology today has been revolutionizing the way people are able to enjoy this entertaining pastime. This technology has hit the mp3 players with karaoke player capabilities and is transforming average people into “wanna be” pop song artist across the country.

Mp3 players in the past were only able to play songs that were downloaded or “ripped” from CD players or shared over the internet. Today’s MP3 players are taking its abilities to the next level. Not only do you get the pleasure of listening to your favorite music on them, you can now read the song lyrics and sing along. MP3 karaoke players are the hottest new gadgets to hit the market and capitalize on popular TV shows like “American Idol.”

The original MP3 players used an .mp3 file extension which is a type of compressed audio file. They were made with flash memory and would hold up to 20 songs. Now MP3 players are digital audio players that actually have a small internal hard drives and can hold thousands of songs.

A new karaoke MP3 player allows the user to enter the lyrics to their music downloads. They can also enter what ever lyrics they want, the original lyrics to the song or their own lyrics. Software is then used to remove the vocal track from the original download of the song. You then only hear the music to the song. The screen will display the lyrics as you play the song and sing along with it. The cool thing is it records your voice over the music or melody of the song so that you can then share your talents with your friends and family. You can submit this recording for auditions also. You use any MP3 download you want so there is no limit to the number of songs you can sing along with and record your voice over the melody.

Families are now buying these MP3 karaoke machines and using them at family gatherings and holidays as a source of entertainment and fun. People are even using them to keep the party going when things get a little dull. These devices can be connected to your television set or DVD player. The hit television program, “American Idol” has really caught on and people everywhere are using the MP3 karaoke player to submit their recordings in the hopes of getting on the program.

So now you can enjoy singing along with your favorite tunes whenever and wherever you feel like it. Recording your own voice and playing it back is even better and if you do not like the way it sounds you can record it all over again. Not only that, but you can customize your own lyrics and make it even more fun. This is great entertainment for parties and family gatherings.

If you have aspirations of becoming a professional singer like the many people who are on “American Idol”, the MP3 karaoke player is ideal for you. You will be able to send in your recorded auditions to other professional who take auditions like this. You will also be able to upload your recordings on to such websites as MySpace, Facebook or other social networking websites. Youtube is another great place to upload your singing talents that have been recorded by using an MP3 karaoke player. There is no longer any thing holding you back at taking your chances at becoming the next big singing sensation and star.

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