Motorola Cell Phones

Picking a Motorola cell phone depends on a lot of different factors that include available functions, budget and compatibility with your cell phone service provider. Cell phone selection is a personal choice and can be a reflection of style. For example, certain colors can convey various statement, and the same goes for the curves and the materials used in the phone design. Also, it seems as if the smaller your phone can get, the higher of a status symbol it is. With the advent of multimedia phones, the new trend it so seem how many features you can fit into as small of a device as possible. Other people prefer just the basics with as easy useability as possible.

From candy bar and flip phones to swivel and sliders, there are all kinds of models to chose from. Flip phones are great for people who store their phones in their pocket, and they are more comfortable for some people. Candy bar phones are considered a more sturdy choice, and sliders appear to be a solid in-between choice. The presence of a camera and the cell phone’s battery life also are considerations to make.

When buying a phone, hold it in your hand and use it to try to determine which phone model is best for you. The size and the locations of the buttons are a very important consideration, as is the size of text on your display window. In addition, if you need a full keyboard on your phone, be sure to check that as well before making a cell phone purchase. Since you’re stuck with your phone for an extended period of time, be sure that you like the outside appearance, the user menu appearance and other features. Don’t just buy the first phone the salesman tries to sell to you.

As for features, don’t opt in for more than you need. The more bells and whistles you have, the harder the phone will be to use if you don’t know how to use them, and worse, don’t even need those devices in the first place. If you use your phone for e-mail or other complicated tasks, go for a more advanced model of phone, or even a smart phone. For music and streaming video lovers, consider a phone that is going to be able to give you what you want.

Call quality is another serious consideration, and while the cell phone service provider has a lot to do with the level of service that you will receive, features such as antennas do as well. This last feature is very hard to determine, as it is a subjective art and can be varied depending on geography, network peak times and other features. Asking people in your same geographical area could be a good start in narrowing down a good choice.

Consider these top Motorola cell phone choices, which take into account user friendliness, call quality, feature availability an the function of those features and the quality of screen presence:

The Motorola i335 (Nextel) is durable, user-friendly and has good features and call quality. However, the display could be brighter and keys can be too thin. It’s not the fanciest model on the block, but it’s reliable.

The Motorola V195s (T-Mobile) has good call quality, a long battery life, good features, Bluetooth and messaging. The phone is good to use around the world. However, the speaker phone isn’t the most reliable.

The Motorola Tundra VA76r (AT&T) is sturdy, easy to use and has a good display and call quality. Photo quality and video quality leave more to be desired.

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