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Motion sensors have become a vary popular feature in a number of products. Some of the more common areas where motion sensors exist are in domestic lighting and security cameras. This article will look at using motion sensors for lighting. We will also give you some tips that will come in handy when you go shopping for motion sensors and/or motion switches.

Uses of a Motion Sensor
Lets quickly look at what motion sensors are used for. As already mentioned, they are extremely common features for both lighting and security cameras. The major benefits of a motion sensor lighting set up in particular are substantial. It can be as simple as having lights automatically turn on when you enter a room at night. This could prevent possible injuries or breaking stuff in that room as you will not be trying to find your way to the light switch.

A motion sensor is also great because it will save on electricity costs. If you have standard light switches then chances are you will end up leaving them on too long. With a motion switch the lights are automatically controlled and will be turned off when not in use. This may only be a short excess of power use each day but it will eventually add up.

How Motion Detectors Work
Motion detectors are responsible for turning your domestic lights on and off. The motion switch will activate whenever someone is noticed within the sensor range. The detector can be set to manual or auto so if you want the motion switch auto turn on setting to be off temporarily that is not an issue.

You will want to take advantage of the manual settings, especially if you use the motion switch with indoor lighting . You do not want the light being turned on during the day if your place is already bright. Another option is to set the motion switch to being both manual and automatic at the same time. This will trigger the lights to turn on in certain circumstances only.

You will want to set the amount of time that the light stays on after it is activated. Indoor lighting can range from half an hour to an hour when activated. Outdoor lighting can range from one minute to ten minutes when activated.

There are many other possible configurations as well. For instance, you can set up a remote motion detector. This will be a battery powered device that will have a motion detector sensor far from the related light bulb. The motion detector will send a signal to the motion switch via radio waves. This is a good feature for a variety of circumstances but would probably be best used outside.

One example of the remote motion detector coming in handy would be if you had a security camera at your front door and needed proper lighting for the picture quality to be good. Instead of leaving the lights on all the time you can just set them to come on when someone is half way up your driveway.

Whenever you go about buying a motion sensor and motion switch you will have a lot to consider. You will want to find an affordable model that can detect within a necessary range (90 to 360 degrees). Also look at various other factors such as the detection range and reaction time based on the weather. There are many different things to think about before purchasing everything for a motion detector lighting set up. Just take everything into consideration and make an informed decision when it comes time to.

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