Motion Sprinklers

As every gardener knows, stray animals can do major damage to a garden in a short space of time. It is against the law in most places to trap or poison animals, which leaves few options for getting rid of them. You can turn the hose on them if you are lucky enough to see them first, but that is pretty rare because most of these animals move around at night. A motion sprinkler is a humane way of scaring off stray animals before they can damage your garden. It works just like a security light because the water only comes on when the sensor detects something moving. Once the animal has moved away, the motion sprinkler stops so that water is not wasted.

The motion sprinkler is often called the water scarecrow because it’s main purpose is to scare away animals. Along with protecting your gardens, it can be used to stop animals tipping over bins and scattering rubbish everywhere, or even to keep them away from chickens or other pets. This can be a real problem if your property backs on to bushland and does not have high fencing. As well as scaring animals away, a motion sprinkler also gives your plants a quick watering at the same time. But before going out and buying one, check if there are water restrictions in you area that will stop you from using it.

A motion sprinkler is a simple device that is made up of a support shaft, motion sensor, water valve, and sprinkler head. While the sprinkler head is moved by water pressure, the motion sensor and water valve need electrical power to work. Most models are powered by an internal battery that lasts for several months, but there is nothing stopping you using a solar panel to keep it going for longer. A motion sprinkler is low maintenance and can be left unattended for a long time, but someone should always check on it regularly to makes sure that water is not leaking. This can happen if the valve gets stuck and fails to close properly.

A motion sprinkler has a range of about 30 feet, but this depends on the water pressure in the area. Most sensors only detect movement but some can also detect body heat. A motion sprinkler is powered by a 9V battery, which is the same type used in smoke alarms. The battery will last for longer than one year if the sensor is not triggered very often, but it will need to be changed more often if there are a lot of stray animals around. You can expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a motion sprinkler, which is a pretty good investment if it saves you many hours fixing a damaged garden.

A motion sprinkler can be installed by almost anyone in less than ten minutes. Simply put a battery into the sensor unit, connect a hose to the valve inlet, stick the shaft into the ground, and turn on the switch. If the sensor is directional, the motion sprinkler needs to be turned to face the area where stray animals are most likely to pass by. If the range of the sensor or the sprinkler is too low, more than one motion sprinkler may be required to cover the entire area. Before turning the water up to full pressure, walk past the sensor once or twice to make sure that everything is working.

A motion sprinkler is a great way to keep stray animals out of your property, but a lot of water can be wasted if something goes wrong. If a leak went unfixed for several weeks, your water bill could increase by a large amount, and you may get a fine too if your area is subject to water restrictions. There are other animal repellents on the market, such as ultrasonic emitters which can only be heard by animals. But these devices are not very good for suburban areas because they tend to upset dogs and make them bark all night.

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