Motherboard CPU Combo

Desktop computers have fallen to price levels that were unimaginable a few years ago. A brand new model can be bought for just a few hundred dollars today. The growing popularity of notebooks, netbooks, and mobile smartphones is the main reason that prices are falling. Instead of upgrading their desktop computers, many buyers are choosing to throw them out and buy new portable computers. This has forced manufacturers and retailers to drop the prices of desktop computers and components. From time to time, retailers even offer special package deals, such as the motherboard CPU combo. These deals are often a good way for computers builders to save money.

It was not long ago that desktop computers were very expensive machines. You could save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the components separately and putting them together yourself. With the dramatic fall in prices seen in recent years, only enthusiasts go to the trouble of building computers today. The small savings do not justify the extra effort required to gather all the components and put them together. The motherboard and CPU are two of the most expensive components, so a cheap motherboard CPU combo can make it worth the extra effort, provided that both of the components are suitable. Frequently, the deals offered by retailers will have a good motherboard bundled with a slow CPU, which may be suitable for office work but not for gaming.

Choosing a motherboard CPU combo is no different to choosing the components separately, except that there are usually fewer options available. There are many motherboard manufacturers but only two CPU manufacturers, so the first choice is whether to go with an Intel or AMD CPU. Usually, this is an easy choice for enthusiasts because they have a preference for one or the other. However, they may have to accept using a motherboard they are not familiar with. The second choice is the speed of the CPU, something that is very important to overall performance. The speed must be high enough to run the operating system and all the applications that will be required.

Besides the speed of the CPU, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a motherboard CPU combo. The motherboard should have the right type of memory slots, and it should be able to handle the amount of memory required. It should also have enough SATA and IDE sockets to support all the hard drives, CD/DVD drives, and other drives that will installed. Practically all of the motherboards sold today have audio sockets and an Ethernet port, and many also have a video graphics port for the monitor. The chip driving this port is typically not as powerful as the video cards sold today, so a PCI-E slot is also required if the computer will be used for graphic design or playing video games.

Some first-time buyers mistakenly believe that a motherboard CPU combo will already be assembled when they purchase it, saving them the trouble of putting the CPU in the motherboard socket and attaching a fan to it. In reality, the components come packed in their original boxes, and they are often not even taped together. This is not a problem for experienced builders, but it can be a daunting challenge for someone who is assembling their first computer. Retailers are very reluctant to grant refunds for components that have been damaged during assembly, so a minor mistake can become a very expensive learning experience. Anyone who is worried about wasting their money should buy an assembled computer instead.

The motherboard CPU combo is a popular deal with computer builders, but it is not the only one offered by retailers. They usually have deals for the other components and peripherals too, which can save builders even more money. An example of such a deal would be a computer case combined with a power supply unit, or a keyboard combined with an optical mouse. Most retailers also offer selected software at reduced prices, but on condition that it is purchased with a significant component, such as a motherboard or hard drive. Something small, like a mouse or computer fan, is usually not enough to qualify for these great software deals.

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