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Whether you are young or old or in-between, just about everyone today has a mobile phone. Mobile phone technology has advanced at such an amazing degree that it is hard for most of us to keep up with it. If you are a technology buff, you probably eagerly await for the latest release of new mobile phone technology. Others get a little frustrated trying to keep up but every one wants to get latest mobile phone. Go into any cellular phone store. They are always packed with customers waiting in line to buy a brand new phone or trade their old one in for the newest one just released on the market. They are so popular that corded phone companies are even offering cell phones and monthly service plans.

Cell phones greatly increase your mobility. This is really terrific if you are an up and coming young business executive. In fact, if you are a business person, you can’t live without your cellular phone. The technology has made the new cell phones like little mini laptops. You can go online with you phone almost anytime and in any place. Checking your email, sending messages or just getting directions is a breeze if you have a Blackberry type cell phone or one like the Apple iPhone 3G.

The more advanced the cellular phone is, the more features it will have. For technology buffs, the phones that have the most features are the ones they will choose first. For others who are not into technology, they might not care about the features other than the fact that the phone looks cool. If you are teen however, you want the features.

Some of today’s common cellular phone features include having a camera, internet browsing capabilities, being able to make voice recordings, ability to play music, organizers, Bluetooth compatibility, a radio, a wireless modem and video calling. Naturally the phone will be able to send and receive phone calls and txt messages. Don’t forget the GPS tracking feature now too.

Mobile phone accessories are coveted items these days too. Everyone wants a Bluetooth ear piece so they can talk and drive hands free. You see people everywhere with these devices. Body glove cases, charms, color keypads and connectors are a few other wanted accessories. People scoop up data cables, holograms, memories and mp3 players for their cellular phones. Many other accessories are available too.

Some of the more popular mobile phone service providers are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, to name a few. Cellular phone plans come in several combinations that offer you different services and allowable minute amounts. You will pay more if you go with a service plan that gives you unlimited internet access. A really popular plan is one that gives you unlimited calling to other cellular phone customers who are with the same cellular phone company.

However, if you are not a business person, teenager or someone who is on the phone a lot, you probably do not need a monthly service plan. Getting a prepaid cellular phone may be the way for you to go. You will not have a monthly phone bill to pay and you can get a nice prepaid cellular phone for about $50. The minutes are not very expensive to buy and some prepaid mobile phone companies will roll over any unused minutes if you reload your phone before they expire. You can find an inexpensive prepaid for at places like Wal-Mart or Radio Shack and they are readily available online. Get one for your child and be able to control the minutes.

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