Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

If you are like a lot of people you may not have central heat or air in your home. Many people will purchase a window air conditioner for their home for their air conditioning needs. If you are in the market for a new air conditioner you should consider buying a Mitsubishi air conditioner. The Mitsubishi brand is well known in the air conditioning industry. You can find a Mitsubishi air conditioner being used in residences as well as commercial and industrial buildings everywhere. The Mitsubishi air conditioner was first created to suit the various climate needs in Japan. Since then they have proven useful in all climates around the world. Mitsubishi air conditioners are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and extremely popular as well as highly innovative. The Mitsubishi air conditioner uses some of the most advanced technology in air condition field that we have today. The compressor used in the Mitsubishi air conditioner is a well-balanced rotary presser. This type of compressor is one of the best ones available on the market. The latest and most advanced air conditioning technology is used in every Mitsubishi air conditioner. These air conditioners are highly reliable and are sold with a three-year parts warranty.

Every Mitsubishi air conditioner is specifically designed to give you the best quality and value for the price. The Mitsubishi air conditioners are actually very affordable nowadays. The most popular Mitsubishi air conditioner on the market today is found in their Mr. Slim line. This is a ductless air conditioning system. The Mr. Slim series is similar to a window unit air conditioner. However, it is usually installed above the window or on an outside wall anywhere in room. These Mitsubishi air conditioners do not pose any potential water damage to your home because there can be no accidental leakage.

The Mr. Slim Mitsubishi air conditioner is very economical to use. It uses copper tubing to cool the outside air that is drawn inside. They have an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit that is connected via the copper tubing which is really refrigerant lines. The lines run between the indoor and the outdoor unit through a small opening in the wall or ceiling where the unit is located. These are very sleek and innovative wall mounted air conditioners that can even be mounted very high on the wall near the ceiling.

The Mr. Slim Mitsubishi air conditioner line has three configurations they are sold in. These are the PK indoor unit, the PC model and the PL cassette model. The PK indoor unit can be mounted high on the wall. The PC model is suspended from the ceiling and the PL cassette model is recessed into the ceiling so it can give a four way directional air flow. Some of the Mr. Slim Mitsubishi air conditioners also have a heat pump for use during the winter months as well.

Mitsubishi uses inverter technology which provides high-speed heating and cooling. They also use ductless technology and do not need major installation requirements. These air conditioners also have the convenience of wireless remote control. They are much quieter than a window air conditioner. They have a noise level rating as low as 22dB. The filters on these Mitsubishi air conditioners are washable as well. This saves you money in the long run because you do not have to purchase replacement filters.

Mitsubishi also has other air conditioning units on the market that are popular as well. These air conditioners are sold in the SRK-HD or wall fixed speed series, the SRK-ZD wall invert series, the ZFX Hyper inverter wall series, the SRK-ZE wall invert series, FDEVA ceiling series, the FDEVA floor series, the FDEVA Cassette range and the SCM multi System series.

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