Mini Water Dispenser

A mini water dispenser is a machine used to dispense water mainly for residential purposes. Based on the size, it can provide from 4 to 12 glasses of water at a time. A source of water is needed to be supplied. Usually, this source is a water bottle, which is inverted and fit into the dispenser. A valve prevents the water from falling down from the bottle. However, when the user needs to take some water, a faucet is opened, which in turn opens the valve and allows the water to flow out.

The general shape of a mini water dispenser is a free standing one. There are various sizes available, ranging from the small dispensers that are no bigger than water bottles and can be kept on tabletops to the large ones that are placed by a wall in most commercial establishments. The smaller ones can take bottles of water as their source while the larger ones can be fitted directly to a purified water source so that continuous drinking water can be available from it. Such large dispensers are found in most offices and schools, but because of their reducing prices, even homeowners are getting them installed in their homes.

The principle of a mini water dispenser depends largely on gravity, which allows the water to flow down naturally. However, till the time the user does not need water, a valve will hold the water back. The faucet is provided with its own drip tray which will retain the water that spills. Some of the very small mini water dispensers do not have drip trays and in such cases, caution is needed to avoid spills. There are places provided with most mini water dispensers to keep glasses or other containers in which the water will be retrieved.

One of the requirements in using a mini water dispenser is the need to invest in bottled water. However, if there is an alternative to get drinking water, that can be used in a bottle. It may require some effort to invert the bottle and fit it into position over the dispenser, but that would depend on the size of the bottle that is used.

There are various types of mini water dispensers as regards to the temperature of water that they can dispense. The commonest ones are the hot and the cold mini water dispensers. The hot water dispensers have a heater coil with a thermostat which helps in heating the water up to a suitable temperature, while the cold water dispensers use a compressed cooling system, which is similar to that used in refrigerators. These are both expensive dispensers. Some machines have both hot and cold water provisions in the same body but with different faucets. These are decidedly the most expensive of all mini water dispensers. There are also mini water dispensers that provide water at room temperature; these are the cheapest of the lot and most in demand by residential users.

Regular maintenance of mini water dispensers is extremely important, mainly because they hold water that is meant to be consumed. One of the most important things is to keep the machine in regular use, because the water itself can keep the machine clean. Occasional cleaning with bleach is recommended by most manufacturers with complete cleaning instructions given. Most of these machines can be considerably taken apart so that they can be cleaned in a better manner.

Mini water dispensers do not cost much. Some are available for within $10, which are used for home needs. However, there are also machines that can cost hundreds of dollars; these are the ones that can be found in commercial places.

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