Mini-Split Air Conditioner

A mini-split air conditioner is a new kind of ductless air conditioner that is small in size and flexible enough for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms or zones in large room. You can use them in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. They are most often used in homes that have non ducted heating systems and no central air conditioning system already installed. A mini-split air conditioner is also a good option for apartments and other living areas such as a mobile or modular home.

A mini-split air conditioner has an outdoor compressor which is simply linked to the indoor air handling unit by a condensation drain. The condensation drain is contained in a conduit that also holds the power cable, refrigerant tubing and suction tubing. You may have the option to purchase one that has up to four indoor handling units operated on one compressor. Each indoor air handling unit can be in a different room or zone and has its own thermostat. Each unit can be turned on and off independently which will save money, since you will only need to use it if you are in that area of your home.

These types of air conditioners are easier to install than any other types of space air conditioners, including the window and wall air conditioners. They are easier to install than a window evaporative cooler as well. You only need a 3 inch hole drilled into the wall for the conduit to pass through when you install a mini split air conditioner. The condenser is located on the outside wall of the home and the air handling unit is installed inside. The connecting conduits are sold in various lengths which will give you tremendous amount flexibility within determining where to locate the compressor outdoors. You can locate the outdoor compressor as much as 50 feet away from the indoor air handling unit. This allows you to place the outdoor compressor in an area outside that will not be an eyesore. You will not need to run expensive duct work when you install a mini split air conditioner. This makes these types of air-conditioners more efficient than central forced air conditioner systems, since there is no loss of energy from the ductwork as there often is in the case in central air conditioning systems. You can place a mini-split air conditioner almost anywhere in your house. You can even place it suspended from the ceiling or mounted flush to a drop ceiling. There is one mini-split air conditioner model that is a floor models as well. These air conditioning units have been designed to be only about 7 inches deep and take up very little room. They also come with their own remote control.

When shopping for a mini-split air conditioner be prepared to pay as much as twice the amount you would pay for window or wall air conditioners. They are much more expensive than other space air conditioners and even more expensive than central air conditioning systems if you exclude the ductwork. However, you save money in the long run because they are much more efficient and easier to install. A mini-split air conditioner does not have the same eye appeal as other window room air conditioners may have so some people do not like how they look in the home. You will need to choose the correct size for the area that you want to cool to get the most efficient use from the unit. One that is the sized wrong for the area can cause it to waste energy and may not control the humidity level as well. You will want to talk to someone who is certified to install air conditioning about which size and options are best for your needs.

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