Mini Megaphone

It is common for people to cup their hands on their mouths when they are shouting; this gesture directs the sound ahead and amplifies it to reach a longer distance. Megaphones work in the same manner. Megaphones are cone shaped mechanical devices that increase the distance and enhances the loudness of the sound when spoken through it.

Megaphones funnel the sound to a longer distance and prevent it from dispersing in many directions. The sound is concentrated in a frontward direction when spoken through a megaphone, thus making the sound louder and enabling the sound waves to move through a larger distance. However, when a megaphone is being used, the people nearby or at the side of the speaker can hardly listen to what is being said. This is simply because of the fact that the sound does not disperse in all directions like it would have without the use of a megaphone.

Traditional mechanical megaphones are long, conical devices with or without a handle that dissipated sound along a certain distance. These types of long megaphones are occasionally used by cheerleaders in sporting events. However, these type of megaphones cannot be carried everywhere, and they become quite cumbersome to store. To relieve speakers of these problems, the more compact mini megaphones have been created that are easy to carry and use.

Mini megaphones, sometimes also known as bull horns, are portable devices that allow for more effective voice projection. These battery-powered megaphones enhance the loudness of one’s voice without having to give considerable effort to produce a loud sound. Mini megaphones work by detecting the sound waves in the speaker’s voice at the receiving end and then converting them into electric signals. An amplifier at the sending end of the megaphone amplifies the sound and then dissipates it into the surrounding. Most of these mini megaphones run on a couple of AA or AAA batteries, depending on the strength of the device.

Mini megaphones can be used for a number of activities and not just for sporting events as contrary to popular belief. Mini megaphones can be used by firemen to warn people or call on for escape. They can also be used by dog trainers to effectively command dogs to perform actions at a distance. These can be used in schools to line children up for physical exercises or for disciplinary or to issue formation commands during events or schooldays during general assembly. Megaphones can also be used to address a large swarm of public in auditoriums, fairs or other public events. Many megaphones available today offer a number of features. Some megaphones can reach distances upto a 100 feet, while other megaphones come with volume control functions. Many high-tech mini megaphones contain siren buttons as well to alarm people under emergency conditions. Most contain a wrist or carry strap so that the user does not lose it.

Mini megaphones are generally more expensive than traditional megaphones, but are cheaper than most other electrical devices. Mini megaphones are generic products that usually do not fall under certain brand categories. A typical 4” long compact mini megaphone can be priced $15.99, while a medium-sized mini megaphone may cost around $45.58.

Mini megaphones can have a number of uses, starting from professional requirements, to fun related uses at home by kids and adults alike. These devices are pretty inexpensive and can have many fun implications along with serious ones. Available both in stores and online, these mini megaphones are a must-have for those who have to shout a lot as a job requirement, or simply want to save their voice.

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