Mini Electric Skillet

Every kitchen needs to have an electric skillet. If you are single and cooking for yourself you may want to use a mini electric skillet rather than a small or large electric skillet. The mini electric skillet is perfect for cooking small quantities. A mini electric skillet is an electrical cooking device that combines an electric hot plate with a cooking surface. These are convenient and versatile cooking devices that take up very little space in the kitchen. A mini electric skillet is portable and easy to move for counter to table top. You can also easily take one with you on a camping trip. The mini skillets are convenient and work well since it is closely integrated with a conventional hot plate.

Popular brands of the mini electric skillet include Presto, Toastmaster, Rival, Cuisinart, Farberware, Sunbeam, Continental, Villaware, Hamilton Beach, Circulon, Aroma, Wolfgang Puck and West Bend. Any electric skillet that is smaller than 10 inches is considered to be a mini electric skillet. A 10 to 12 inch skillet is called a small electric skillet. Large skillets are over 12 inches. Theses small mini skillets are perfect to use when cooking for one person. You can purchase a mini electric skillet in all kinds of shapes. The average size for a mini electric skillet is about 6 inches. If you have a small kitchen or you are going to be cooking in small cramped area it is a good idea to have one of these mini skillets. Finding storage space for a 6 or 7 inch electric skillet is going to be a lot easier to do than if you had a larger electric skillet. Most people use these mini electric skillets for cooking omelets and for warming up appetizers for company. You can also cook your side dishes in one or use it to cook up a single burger for yourself.

The toastmaster 805 mini skillet is one of the smallest mini electric skillets on the market. It has a 7×7 non stick cooking surface with 600 watts of power. The skillet also has a glass lid and a removable handle. It has a rotary temperature controller which may be a little difficult to adjust precisely. This mini electric skillet is made from cast iron and sells for around $30. You can also consider the Presto Maxi-Matic EFS-400 mini electric skillet if you are in the market for one. It has the same features as the Toastmaster 805 but sells for about $10 less. The glass cover is very useful to reduce splatter and retain heat. You can also monitor your cooking progress when you have a glass cover.

The Continental Electric 6.5 In. mini electric skillet, model # CE23721, is the perfect skillet to use if you just want to fry 2 eggs for breakfast etc. You will find this size perfect for making single serving French toast or a grilled cheese sandwich. It has a non stick finish so you can cook healthier by using less oil. The handle has the temperature controls built in which makes it easy to operate. This particular model is very inexpensive at around $13.

The one draw back to any mini electric skillet is the fact that the heating element is underneath is not enclosed as in a large electric skillet so you should take care and use it on a heat resistant surface. When you buy a mini electric skillet the cooking surface needs to be seasoned correctly before you begin cooking in it. The finish can buckle if you use a commercial cooking spray on it. You should wipe it with cooking oil instead of using a pan spray and allow it to heat for 5 minutes before you begin cooking in it. Also, never use a metal utensil on a non stick finish as you can damage the finish. Always use silicon cooking utensils with a non stick finish instead.

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