Mini Dome Camera

Mini dome cameras are a stylish form of camera that are mainly used for security purposes. You will most commonly see them in retail stores however they can be used in any business environment, or for personal use for that matter. They are typically used for discreet indoor surveillance, but can be attached to surfaces outdoors. You will usually find that a mini dome camera has a smoky colored outer shell which makes it near impossible to spot the internal camera lens. I’m sure you’ll agree a fantastic and practical way to deter thieves and protect your business.

You can also install a mini dome camera outdoors if you wish, however installation may prove to be a little tricky. They will have mounting brackets, but it will require a little more effort to install outdoors than a standard security camera. These unobtrusive and essential security items will often be found indoors at fast food restaurants, doctor’s offices, hospitals and many small professional offices. The majority of mini dome cameras will come with a vari-focal lens, infra red lights and vandal proof casing. Although you should take into consideration these cameras were not specifically designed to see long distances.

Mini dome cameras can fulfill many roles in terms of security, but one thing that makes these cameras so sought after is their durability and vandal case shell. If you were to install one of these cameras outdoors, you must remember that are likely to face many harsh conditions. From being exposed to the burning sun, the bitter cold and even the driving rain. For this very reason many security firms use Mini Dome Cameras for their outdoor security as well.

Infra red technology is fairly new for mini dome cameras. Previously these cameras could not be equipped with infra red because of the glare that would be caused within the dome shell. However due to the invention of a spongy ring that is now held against the shell of the dome, infra red cameras and the technology they use are all the rage. So as mentioned a Mini Dome Camera can pretty much be used indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions including very hot, extremely cold, windy and rain and they are vandal proof as well.

Should you have a mini dome camera without infra red lights you may find a few restrictions. Firstly, you will not be able to see in conditions of low to zero lighting. To overcome this problem, many users provide indoor or emergency lighting. If you are using one of these cameras from home, a hallway or foyer light may suffice, however the video quality may suffer. You should also never point an infra red Mini Dome Camera at a reflective surface such as glass windows. This will merely produce a white picture and no specific images. These cameras are also restricted on the viewing distances.

Mini dome cameras are far smaller than most types of security camera. This will mean that the vari-focal lens will be much smaller in comparison to other security cameras and thus will not be able to see far off distances. The distance seen by these cameras will very much depend on the amount of LED light it emits, but on average do not expect to be able to see any further than 60 meters. This will more than likely explain why the majority of dome cameras are always found at the front door of someone’s home or a company. This will allow you (or security personnel) to clearly see the face of any visitor.

Should you be looking to mount a mini dome camera indoors there is no need to use a mounting bracket. You should screw holes on either side that will allow you attach machine thread screws. The easiest way to install this type of camera is if you have drop down tile ceilings. You merely take the first tile down and then mount the camera. You are also able to adjust the vari-focal settings should you wish. Simply remove or pop off the dome, located at the base of the camera. Models may differ, but the usual way to achieve this is to use a coin such as a quarter or a nickel to pop the camera dome open.

The majority of, if not all, mini dome cameras have a chip-set supplied by Panasonic, Sharp or Sony. These 3 manufacturers have extremely different technologies and many different models of chip-sets to use. However you can rest assured, no matter which one you choose, that you will have outstanding video quality. Mini dome cameras and dome cameras in general are considered the most professional looking security cameras in the industry.

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