Mini Cube Speakers

A mini cube speaker is a small device that allows you to listen to music from your MP3 player without using your headphones. They are full range speakers that give you the opportunity to hear your music without having to have your headphones handy. The speakers themselves will fit in the palm of your hand and they are produced by a number of different manufacturers. They come in a wide range of colors as well from white, pink and black to orange, blue and green as well as many other color choices. They are typically only about 26mm in size and many have key chains attached to them that allow you easier carrying. You can use a mini cube speaker to share your music with your friends even if you are on the go as they are so lightweight that they can literally be carried anywhere.

The cost will of course vary by manufacturer. Most can be purchased for around $30 or so again depending on who makes them and where you purchase them. There are a number of online retailers that offer mini cube speakers and you can easily find them at your favorite electronics stores as well. They make excellent gifts for anyone who owns and listens regularly to an Mp3 player and can even be a good gift for those who are typically hard to purchase gifts for. You can connect a mini cube speaker to your Mp3 player, your laptop and even your cell phone if you want to share your music or listen to it yourself without the need for headsets.

Most are powered by a Li-Pol battery and can play up to five hours or more of continuous music before they need to be recharged. They connect to music and other media players using a 3.5 mm jack. They are shaped like tiny cubes and are small enough that you can easily fit them in your pocket for taking them with you on the go. It is important when purchasing that you check consumer reviews before you buy a specific brand. Many of the mini cube speakers offer excellent sound quality but there are a few lower end models that do not produce the sound quality that consumers expect when paying around $30 for a speaker. Be certain that you find reviews on the specific brand that you are considering purchasing or if you are buying offline, ask the store clerk for information about a specific brand.

You should also check to see just what type of battery is used to power the speaker. You should strive to find a speaker that gives you no less than three hours of continuous music. Again, some models provide up to five hours before they need to be recharged. Ensure that you are getting a speaker that gives you several hours of use before you need to stop and recharge it. They typically come with a USB to USB wire that is used for recharging. You can typically recharge them from your computer in just a couple of hours but again this is something that you should check before you purchase. The speakers are completely portable and most models offer excellent sound quality for the small size.

Take your time when purchasing to ensure that you get a mini cube speaker that will provide you with many hours of musical enjoyment. Check the brand against various consumer reviews to determine which brand is best for your needs. You can also compare prices to find the least expensive model if you wish but remember that the cheaper speakers may not give you the best sound quality. If you want good sound quality then you may have to pay around $30 or so for each mini cube speaker that you purchase. There are a few models that sell for around $10, but again these may simply not offer the quality of sound that you want. Take your time and purchase a model that gives you good sound for your money.

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