Mini Air Conditioner

Plenty of people nowadays have become smarter when it comes to money. Indeed, with almost everything increasing in cost, it is only natural that you would want to find better alternatives without having to compromise your comfort and satisfaction. When it comes to electricity, an air conditioner consumes a lot more energy, so if you have a couple or more units in your house, you can almost expect your electricity bill to significantly increase. Then again, an air conditioner is an important domestic device that every home should have especially during the hot summer months.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to save money without having to sacrifice your own comfort, you can invest in a mini air conditioner instead. Mini air conditioners are portable units that enable you to have a great cooling experience without the high cost of the regular air conditioner.

Most portable mini air conditioners have wheels so you can easily move them about or bring them anywhere you please. Unlike the regular air conditioners that need to be installed, portable mini air conditioners do not require any installation at all; just plug it in, and you’re all set. You also do not need to destroy the beautiful architecture of your house by creating a hole in order to fit your air conditioner in. When you have a portable mini air conditioner, you can simply move it around your house.  However, while you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and your electric bills in the process, a portable air conditioner is more expensive than your typical window air conditioner. The price market price varies depending on the capacity of the unit.

Mini air cons are also not exactly noise-free. In fact, they are generally loud, unlike the other air conditioning systems that have their compressors outside. If you are so concerned about the noise, you can look around for the one that does not make as much noise as the others.

Mini air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTU are effective in 300 square-foot rooms. However, if your area is around 1,000 square foot, you will need one with a considerably higher cooling capacity, perhaps around 24,000 BTU. Then again, you have to consider, too, that the larger the unit, the more energy is being consumed, and when more energy is consumed, chances are your room will not be effectively cooled.

To give you an idea of the energy consumption of your unit, look at the EER or energy efficiency ratio. In times past, having an EER of 6 or 7 was good enough, but now the standard has been upped to 12 or even higher. Portable A/Cs are by and large energy efficient, but then if you want to be certain that you will not be spending a lot of money on electricity bills when you purchase your new portable unit, check if the EER is high. The basic rule of thumb is that the higher the EER, the more energy efficient it is. Another thing that you should look for is the Energy Star. The Energy Star indicates that your unit has successfully met the guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Department of Energy.

Considering all these things, a mini air conditioner is, certainly, a great thing to have if you cannot afford a central system, but then even if you have a central air conditioner, investing in a mini air conditioner can help you save on your electricity bills because you do not have to cool your entire house, as you would otherwise do.

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