Milkshake Mixer

Milk shakes are a very popular cold drink created out of cold milk, ice cream and various flavorings. Milk shakes are very popular with both young children and adults. The milk shake mixer is used in both commercial restaurants and at home for making your own home made milk shakes. This is a very convenient machine to have in your kitchen at home if you love milk shakes and want to make them yourself. Hamilton Beach made the first milk shake mixer in 1911 and the machine was used in commercial restaurants. It was capable of making two milkshakes at a time. Nowadays milk shake mixers are sold in various sizes for restaurant use and for personal home use. The smallest ones can make a single milk shake really fast. Commercial restaurants and fast food places are usually fitted with a larger milk shake mixer that is typically a floor mounted machine. These rather large milk shake mixers will have up to five liter stainless steel barrels for making multiple milk shakes at a time. Some of the professional milk shake mixers are carbon dioxide machines that mix flavors when it is dispensing as well.

The in home milkshake mixer is an electronic mixer that is very much like a blender. These modern day milk shake mixers are variable speed mixers that can make mix up perfect milk shakes, malts and smoothies almost instantly. These kitchen appliances are very well built and usually have die cast steel blades. The feet on the home milk shake mixers are usually rubber mounted so they do not slip and move around on the counter when in use. The milk shake mixer models for your kitchen are sold in different colors and finishes which makes it easy to pick one out that will go perfectly with your kitchen d├ęcor. The color is important to some individuals as the milk shake mixer will usually sit on top of the kitchen counter.

These kitchen appliances often have variable speed controls and are sold with up to a 28 ounce holding chamber. The size of the holding chamber can vary from model to model. The milk shake mixers on the market today can blend a variety of ingredients rapidly. Most of the ones on the market have a durable 70 watt up to a 100 watt heavy duty motor which is perfect for blending flavors and ingredients for a milk shake quickly. When you purchase a milk shake mixer it will usually come with a set of recipes for delicious milk shakes. You can also make up your own flavor combinations for unique specialty shakes. With all the different flavored ice creams on the market you can make up all kinds of milk shake flavors rather than just vanilla, chocolate or strawberry milkshakes.

Some popular milkshake mixers include the stylish Oster 6627 Milk Shake Mixer. It has a powerful 100 watt motor with variable speed controls. It is sold with a 28 oz stainless steel cup that is perfect for keeping your milk shakes cool. You can also quickly make smoothies and malts with this milk shake mixer.

The Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster is another popular milk shake mixer. It has a 70 watt motor that is perfect for mixing fruits, ice cream, milk and flavors quickly. This mixer has a convenient tilting head and dual speed controls. The machine also has a detachable spindle. You can make all kinds o health drinks and smoothies with the Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster as well. There are other brands available on the market. You can buy a milk shake mixer online or find them in kitchen stores everywhere.

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