Milk Steamers

Many people enjoy the taste of a smooth cappuccino or latte that they will typically buy from their local coffee shop, although in recent times many manufacturers have now produced espresso machines that can be used at home. These are able to produce the perfect cup of coffee with steamed or frothy milk on top. However, an espresso machine will usually be an expensive purchase, so what do you do if you are not willing to pay such a high price?

This is where a milk steamer is ideal. You will never be able to produce the same consistency of milk by simply warming it on a stove. There are numerous models of milk steamers available in the marketplace and the most popular is proving to be a stovetop milk steamer. One of these simple machines is able to increase the overall volume of your milk by up to 3 times. A milk steamer will produce tiny bubbles and will give your milk a smooth and silky texture.

A stove top milk steamer will replace the need for an espresso machine with a steam wand. They are still able to produce the perfect consistency of milk to ensure you have the perfect latte or cappuccino. You will also find that there are numerous frothers available, although these will never do as good a job as a milk steamer.

In order to use a milk steamer you will initially need to unscrew the knob that is located at the top of the steamer. This will then allow you to remove head piece. It is vitally important that you wash the interior of the milk steamer in warm and soapy water. Then ensure that you rinse the steamer thoroughly. Your next step will be to fill the milk steamer with water just below the handle bolt that is located inside the steamer. Simply replace the head piece and tighten the knob.

Your next step is to place the steamer on your stovetop for approximately 5 minutes over a medium to high heat. This will ensure that the steamer is able to build sufficient pressure. You will notice a small steam valve knob that is located to the side of the steamer and you should open this. This is to release any water that may be found inside the wand. Once you have done this you can then partially close the steam valve which will allow a small amount of steam to escape. This will actually prevent any of the milk from going up the wand prior to you steaming.

Once you have completed this step you should fill a steel pitcher with milk, but make sure that there is enough room for the milk to expand and triple in volume. In order to track the actual temperature of the milk while you are frothing it you should clip an instant thermometer onto the side. You should then place the steam wand into the steamer and then open the steam valve extremely slowly. Continue to move the pitcher down until the steam wand is approximately half an inch under the surface of your milk. You should start to notice bubbles forming and also high-pitched hissing noise.

As soon as the milk volume begins to build you should move the steam wand up and also open the valve which will increase the overall amount of steaming. As soon as the milk reaches approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit you should then completely close the steam valve. Then simply remove the steam wand and wipe it down with a damp cloth. You will now have produced the perfect steamed milk which can be added to the coffee of your choice. A stovetop milk steamer is extremely easy to use and you are able to use it on any conventional gas or electric stove. You will actually find that a stovetop milk steamer is literally the next best thing to a commercial coffee machine. Another added benefit is that it will take approximately the same amount of time to produce steamed milk as it will to make a pot of coffee.

It is advisable that you continue practicing using a stovetop milk steamer until you have found your perfect ratio of milk. You will find that the more foam you produce in comparison to milk will actually make your coffee “drier”. For the best results you should look to fill your cup approximately a third full of coffee or espresso and then simply pour over the milk, while simultaneously spooning the foam on top of your beverage. A milk steamer will be fairly inexpensive to purchase, although this will very much depend on the type and model you wish to buy. However, with that said, you are able to purchase a perfectly decent milk steamer for well under $50.

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