Microwave Pasta Cooker

If you like to cook and you love the spaghetti, lasagna or just good old macaroni and cheese and you know what a chore is to cook pasta the traditional way. A microwave pasta cooker can cook pasta best and conveniently in a matter of mere minutes. Cooking pasta on a traditional cook-top stove can take up to 30 or 40 minutes and require to use of some really large pots, a strainer and a lot of water. You can cook your pasta in a microwave pasta cooker in about 15 minutes. If you cook your pasta in the microwave you can also free up your stove top for cooking your other of foods for the meal.

Most people who use a microwave pasta cooker say that they cannot tell the difference in the way the pasta tastes. Other cooks do not like how it turns out. Cooking your pasta in this manner will save you time, energy and water. You also will not have any boil over mess to clean up like you can sometimes have when you cook pasta the conventional way.

There are several well known brand name microwave pasta cookers on the market today. When you are shopping for a microwave pasta cooker there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to be able to cook all kinds of pastas perfection each time you use your pasta cooker. Look for one that is made from BPA free materials and is approved by the FDA to safely cook food in the microwave. You should also look for one that is dishwasher safe. You will probably want one that is made in the USA too. A pasta cooker that you use in the microwave is a perfect gift to give to college kids, newly married couples, the divorced or singles, working families and the elderly for all types of occasions.

Some microwave pasta cookers can also cook other types of food like vegetables, soups, rice and even cake in your microwave oven. The Fasta Pasta microwave cooker is one of the ones that can cook these other types of foods and is very reasonably priced. Using Fasta Pasta enables you to know exactly how much pasta and water you need to cook perfect pasta every time. There are measuring holes in the lid and you use the opposite side of the lid as a strainer when the pasta is done cooking. It is FDA approved.

The microwave pasta cookers are usually made out of plastic. A lot of people are worried about the dangers of using plastic in the microwave. This is why it is important that you purchase one that is FDA approved for use in the microwave. This will ensure you that the plastic used in the cooker will not leak out toxins at high temperatures which can be dangerous to your health. Food storage plastics should not be used in the microwave because they are not made to the stringent specifications needed for cooking and microwave and will leak toxins.

The Pasta Primo Microwave Pasta Cooker is another good brand to buy. You can use it in the microwave and then place it in the refrigerator or freezer. This makes it really convenient to use. This one also has a strainer lid that you can snap on to pour out the excess water. It cooks a lot more than just pasta too. You can even use it as a serving bowl on the table for your pasta. The Pasta Primo Microwave Pasta Cooker is also FDA approved.

The Pasta n More cooker is a little more expensive than the other two that have been mentioned. And find it at your local drugstores for around $20. You can find the pasta cookers online too. Some cooks love using a microwave pasta cooker after they try one. Others are disappointed and go back to cooking pasta the conventional way.

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