Micathermic Panel Heater

The Micathermic panel heater incorporates two sources of heat (80% convection, 20% reflective) to provide a fast and efficient heating for a specific room or area. The Micathermic panel heater is energy efficient as it requires less electricity in comparison to other heating sources. The device is lightweight, compact, fast at heating a fair-sized room, and can save you a bit of money on electricity each month.

Many people do not opt to purchasing additional heating sources for their home. However, this is often a mistake if you are attempting to achieve high energy efficiency in your home. By adding a single panel heater to your home you can decrease the necessary temperature for your full-home heating by a few degrees. This is accomplished as you place the panel heater in the room which is most commonly occupied. As the heater is also small and lightweight, it can be moved between rooms if necessary.

Characteristics of the Micathermic Panel Heater
The Micathermic panel heater is effective at heating fair-sized rooms. It is especially effective in rooms smaller than 150sqft. The panel heater can be installed a number of ways. You can have the Micathermic panel heater freestanding in a room, mounted to a wall, or assembled with casters (small wheels) for mobility reasons. The Micathermic panel heater will only cost you around $120-140 and it will save you money on electricity for being so energy efficient.

Using the Micathermic Panel Heater
The Micathermic panel heater uses a digital thermostat which can be adjusted conveniently with the remote control. When setting the thermostat you will want to determine what temperature you want the room temperature to be. Within a minute of setting the targeted room temperature, the Micathermic panel heater will be heated up.

After the targeted temperature is reached, the energy efficient ECO feature will kick in by cutting the power usage by a third. The room will still maintain the current room temperature after the ECO function is activated. Also, there is an automatic power-off feature which is activated when the panel heater begins overheating or if it falls over.

Buying the Micathermic Panel Heater
The Micathermic panel heater will likely cost you a little over $100. The device will come with a few useful components such as the remote control and the hardware used to mount it to the wall. Assembly and installation of the Micathermic panel heater is relatively simple but you will have to follow the instructions closely to make sure no mistakes are made.

The Micathermic panel heater is compact, portable, and very lightweight. The heater weighs just a little over 10lbs. it can be transported between rooms easily but you also have the ability to mount it to a wall instead. For a relatively low cost, purchasing a Micathermic panel heater can actually be profitable due to energy bill savings so it would be a very intelligent investment. There are many different energy efficient panel heaters available, but the Micathermic panel heater is one of the best.

An energy efficient panel heater can be extremely beneficial when used as a single room heating source in your home. You can decrease the temperature set on your main heating system by a few degrees, simply for the reason that you are heating a busy room. For the best results possible, you would want to have a Micathermic panel heater placed in the most occupied room in your home, or moving between highly occupied rooms whenever necessary. The mobility of the device when installed with casters will make this a possibility.

A Micathermic panel heater will only cost you a little over $100 so it is not a huge investment. However, the savings on your electricity bill will definitely make it a profitable investment. You can save money while using the panel heater and you also have the ability to heat different rooms of your home singly. The rooms you use the Micathermic panel heater in will be dependent on the rooms that are most commonly occupied in the cold months. A panel heater would be extremely beneficial if used in your living room or master bedroom during the winter months. To conclude, if you are looking to make your home more energy efficient, then you should highly consider purchasing a Micathermic panel heater.

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