Methane Gas Detector

A methane gas detector is an essential tool that is used to alert people to the presence of methane gas and can save lives. Methane gas is odorless and also extremely flammable. If you use natural gas in your home for heating and cooking then buying a methane gas detector would be wise. Methane gas can cause explosions and is the gas that is involved in most of the mine explosions that we hear about.

A methane gas detector is critical for people who work in the oil industry, gas or petrochemical industries and sewage plants. Public utility companies, fire departments and police departments often have the need for one. Those who work in demolition or the construction industry often use a methane gas detector. Even government agencies like the FBI, DEA and Homeland Security need to have access to a methane gas detector. A leak of methane gas poses a very real risk of dangerous explosions and death and harm to humans. Since it is odorless it is impossible to detect a leak without a gas detector. You won’t be able to tell exactly where the leak is coming from either, even with some detectors.

A latest innovation in methane gas detectors can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. This is the BPA Laser Methane gas detector and it can also detect methane gas up to 500 feet away. It looks like a radar gun and is a handheld lightweight device. This laser methane gas detector is very easy to use and is fast and accurate. You aim if after opening the cover on the end of the barrel and pull the trigger on it. It will immediately and accurately detect dangerous levels of methane gas. The detector even works when it is aim through glass and water so it can be used in a car.

There are various other methane gas detectors on the market. They all vary in price. Some are supposed to be permanently installed while other ones are portable and easy to carry with you when working. Before buying a methane gas detector make sure you get one that will fit your needs. Some gas detectors will detect more than one kind of gas leak. If you get a natural gas detector make sure it will also detect methane gas since methane gas is the main substance in it. The detector should specify methane gas detection. Methane gas detectors can vary in the level of gas detection that will set off the alarm. The lower the gas sensor level is the sooner it will alert you to a gas leak. You should also pay attention to the distance away that the device is able to detect a methane gas leak. It should also have an audible alarm that sounds when a methane gas leak is detected. You will need to make certain you install a permanent gas detector in an area where you will be able to hear the alarm. If you have more than one source of natural gas in your home you will need to get more than one detector.

A methane gas detector needs to be maintained properly for it to remain reliable. One with a battery back up system is advisable if you have one that uses 110-volt electricity. You should make it a practice to replace the batteries at certain intervals to ensure the battery back up. When you buy the detector make sure you ask how long it will last and if there is a warning to let you know when the sensor needs to be replaced. Some detectors need to be calibrated for it to function correctly. You will need to ask if the one you are buying needs to be calibrated. Also, methane gas is lighter than air and when there is a leak it will travel up. You should install your gas detector near the ceiling and about 12 inches away from a wall.

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