Media Keyboard

Your typical keyboard consisting of 104 keys is now a thing of the past. A new wave of media keyboards have made way and have been getting a lot of attention. The reason for the popularity in media keyboards is mostly their versatility. There are a number of tasks that media keyboards can perform that can be extremely convenient.

Lets look at why media keyboards can be helpful in the first place. Originally media keyboards were designed with a few shortcut keys, but nothing spectacular. You could do most of the following tasks with the older media keyboards: sound control, launch Internet, open e-mail program, go forward or back, play/pause video or audio, and search your computer. With some keyboards, these shortcut keys could also be customized.

Media keyboards consist of a much more advanced design nowadays then they were before. The older style media keyboards have become the type of keyboard that is used casually. Now there are a number of media keyboards conveniently made for gamers, avid movie watchers, and more. The most beneficial area of media keyboards is how effective they are in cooperation with gaming.

Media Keyboards for Video Games
In some games you are required to be able to control a multitude of things. This is particularly true in MMORPG’s and strategy or RPG games. For instance, a popular game that people can improve their performance in with a gaming keyboard would be World of Warcraft. It also does not stop at video games though.

Poker is another area where a media keyboard could be beneficial. Anyone that takes poker seriously, to the extent of it being their full-time job, would benefit from a media keyboard. For those that only play on a few tables, this may not be the case. However, for people that multi-table, they have only a few seconds to respond on each table and in some cases people have up to 24 tables open at once. With a media keyboard, this is much easier to process and can save you some money as well.

Helpful Features with Media Keyboards

There are many different features that make media keyboards very useful, but lets first look at one accessory that is sometimes included with these keyboards – a remote control. While this may be a relatively new addition with media keyboards, it is definitely a great addition to your purchase. The remote control can control a variety of buttons on your keyboard and is most beneficial for sound control, playing music, and watching movies. A recent example of a media keyboard that includes a remote is the Lenovo 57Y6336 which is priced at around $50-60. Also, there are different designs of remote and in some cases they include a mini-keyboard as well.

Now, on to the more common features with most media keyboards. The most common feature included with all media keyboards would obviously be the shortcut buttons. You could argue that all the extra buttons are considered as shortcuts, but lets look into it further.

There are shortcut keys for various computer tasks that are regularly accessed or processed, which is very convenient. Besides the sound control, play/pause, Internet launch, and other common buttons, there are other helpful shortcut buttons such as a calculator button or power on/off button. Many media keyboards will allow you to turn the computer on or off with one touch of the button. A log off and sleep or hibernate button is also common with media keyboards as well.

Overall, media keyboards are a very convenient option and everyone should replace their old 104 button keyboards with them. They include sound control, web browser shortcuts, and more. If you wish to get a more complex media keyboard for gaming purposes then that is always an option. Whenever you are dealing with more complicated tasks that require extremely fast response then you can benefit from a media keyboard. You can even get media keyboards that include extra keys that are designed to be programmed for certain commands. In closing, for what can be an affordable price, media keyboards make for a great investment.

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