Meat Grinder

Meats are great source of protein, iron, and other more valuable nutrients. When eating meat, you will have more energy to face the day ahead. With the different kinds of meat you can also create various tasty dishes that everyone would surely love. However, not all dishes that are using pork, chicken, or beef as its main ingredient would require only chopped, cubed, or sliced meat. Some cuisines would also need finely minced meat as well. People of long ago probably grind meat manually but it would surely take a lot of time and effort.

To make grinding meat more convenient you can use a kitchen appliance specially made for doing this task. The meat grinder can easily mince or grind meat whether it is raw or already cooked. But aside from meat, it can also grind almost anything like vegetables and fish.

If you have your own grinder at home you can actually control which ingredients you want to go with your meat. You can also take control of the amount of fats that you and your family would eat. Aside from that, you may determine how much salt, pepper, or other additives do you need so you could create a healthier diet. Sausages are now easy to make just by using the meat grinder since you can create one anytime.

There are two kinds of meat grinders that are used in most homes. These are the home meat grinder that runs on electricity and the small grinder that can be operated manually. But no matter which grinder you should use at home, it will only grind foods in small quantities. More often than not, the meat must be cut into small parts before you can put it in the grinder. You must also remove the gristle of the meat first so you could avoid the grinder from clogging. If this happens, you must remove some of the parts of the grinder so you could get the gristle from the machine.

Before the food can be grinded you must first put it in the funnel of the kitchen equipment. This funnel is located at the upper part of the meat grinder. It will then go to the conveyor where you can manually or electrically power this conveyor depending on the model of your meat grinder. There are small knives located at the end of the conveyor and these knives were directly installed at the front of the hole plates or discs. The minced meat will come out of the openings of the hole plates. You can determine how fine the food can be grinded by choosing the right kind of plate.

Usually there are two kinds of discs that can be placed in the meat grinder. If you just want to grind beef, vegetables, and even nuts, just use the coarse disc that is usually included when you buy a meat grinder. But you may replace it with a fine disc so that you could create burger patties, spreads, as well as baby foods using your meat grinder.

Cleaning a meat grinder is easy. However, unlike other equipments that you use in the kitchen, you should not immerse the meat grinder in water. All you need to do is to clean it using a damp cloth only. The parts that do not run on electricity can be cleaned with hot water. But see to it that you rinse it very well and let it dry first before putting it back again to the meat grinder.

As for the steel and iron parts of the kitchen equipment including the discs, you must also rinse it very well and let it dry thoroughly. Afterwards, you should coat it with cooking oil so that it will be free from rust and be lubricated as well.

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