McIntosh Power Amplifier

For the casual music listener, it’s not going to be a big deal to buy the fanciest amplifier out there. However, these amplifiers add volume and realism that will make even the slightest audiophile incredible excited. If you are going to take the leap and spend real money on a good amplifier, don’t try to cut corners. Just go for the best right off the bat. Whether you are a musician, a music lover or a home movie theater connoisseur, you are going to want a good amplifier to hook up to your speaker system.

Behind any great system is a fantastic amplifier. Enter the McIntosh amplifier, quite possibly the Fender Stratacaster of the amplifier for its multi-decade legacy of mammoth sound-inducing speakers made with the utmost care and most genuine of products. In more than 60 years of existence, McIntosh has been known for its sleek, strong powerhouse amps that have always appealed to music enthusiasts and home theater fanatics. McIntosh amplifiers are known as the best in the world, and their use of output transformers set them apart from the rest. Their front panels use knobs and dials, not toggles or buttons. In addition, the use of power guards keep the device from clipping.

The amplifier is meant to take a weak music signal and create a sound that is strong enough to drive a speaker. The amplifier, in essence, creates an entirely different output signal after using the input signal that is is given. These are considered two separate circuits, in which the output is related to the power supply. The input is connected to a microphone or to a recording and acts on the output to create a louder, different sound. In layman’s terms, a small current is taken and is then duplicated to a larger current. There is a mass of wires and circuits that makes all of this possible, including transistors, which produce a lot of heat.

From tubes to solid states, to stereo, multi-channel or monoblock set-ups, McIntosh covers it all. Read on to find out about some of McIntosh’s more recent and/or widely sought brands:

The McIntosh C41 offers a super extensive dynamic range with ultra low distortion. Other features include very precise volume control, electromagnetic switching, balanced inputs and outputs and 9 source selections. This device includes a glass front panel. The MC352 offers a balanced input, power guard, thermal cutout, sentry monitor, a soft start inrush protection and exclusive output autoformers. A glass front panel and fanless cooling also are included.

The C22 Preamplifier, which was in production from 1963 to 1972, was commemorated from 1995 to 1998 with the C22. These devices, which weighed well over 100 pounds, were so popular that they flew off the shelves at record-breaking speeds and are now sold by collectors for tens of thousands of dollars. The C22 now returns with updated circuits. Meanwhile, the MC1.2KW, the most popular single chassis amplifier, includes two balanced circuits and unique outputs. Nearly all distortion is cancelled out because of this. The MC2KW combines intense power with adept functionality. The MC-602 provides 600 watts of power and weighs 155 pounds. It includes 24 output transistors for each channel and is balanced from input to output. A trigger jack is included and a grounded AC cable is detachable.

The MA7000 is one of the most power amplifiers McIntosh has ever developed, with a steady stream of 250 watts per channel. This device can maximize the signal of 2, 4 or 8-ohm speakers. This single-box amplifier uses McIntosh Autoformer technology that optimized the performance of any speaker.

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