McIntosh Car Audio

McIntosh car audio systems have been on the market for more than 50 years. Most audiophiles consider them to be among the finest audio systems in the world and would never think of owning any other brand. Discriminating buyers spend thousands of dollars every year to have a McIntosh car audio system custom-fitted to there luxury cars like Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis.

Every McIntosh car audio system boasts of extraordinary engineering and performance. Top notch quality and construction are in every system. The craftsmanship and attention to every tiny detail makes these car audio systems exceptional in value.

Patented McIntosh circuit designs eliminate distortion at higher volumes and you can find a model that has superior six-band, four-channel parametric equalizer that will help tailor the sound. Since the demand for high quality car audio products have been on the increase, McIntosh has kept up with the demand. They offer the highest quality car audio amps, subwoofers and video systems that can be found in the industry. This continues to make them among the leading names in car audio systems.

McIntosh care audio systems and accessories deliver the best sound experience. They are quite rightfully considered the most preferred, state-of-the-art entertainment systems for your car that can be found. A McIntosh car audio system with the latest technology can be found by search the internet. One can find discount McIntosh car audio accessories, car stereo amplifiers, car audio wiring diagrams, electronic crossover car audio products and professional McIntosh speakers. You can also find local dealers by going to their official website.

McIntosh car audio speaker technology uses LD/HP&reg that enables them to have high excursion operation with not substantial increase in distortion. Their speakers are made out of material that resists heat and UV rays and moisture.

Not only does a McIntosh audio system sound fantastic, they also look fantastic. They can play up to 3 CD’s as well as the radio, ipod or mp3 if you select the models that offer these capabilities. The speakers can are also installed in the back so you passengers can enjoy the benefit of the exceptional sound quality that comes with every McIntosh system. Surround systems utilize either a five or seven speaker set up. A surround sound system mean enables you to truly have the experience equal to that which you would in a theatre.

Features to look for when considering buying a McIntosh car audio system:

  • Functions – Radio, CD, CD stacker, MP3, cassette deck, navigation, Bluetooth.
  • Compatibility – Speakers, amplifier, individual components. If you are buying your audio components (radio, CD player, cassette deck) separately, check to make sure that they will be compatible.
  • Extra features – LCD or monitor for display, automatic volume control, auxiliary.
  • Cost – Can vary widely based on the model and features offered.
  • McIntosh car audio components with Bluetooth compatibility will allow your mobile phone to work through the speaker system, thus enabling your phone to be a hands free device while driving.

McIntosh amplifiers are of the highest quality and have a tubelike sound that makes for very detailed and vivid sound. You can play any type of music and still everything is sounded well proportioned and lifelike. If you have a McIntosh amplifier, you will enjoy fantastic listening experiences. Two of the best amps are MC440M & MCC446. They both garnish rave reviews by owners who say they are hands down the best amps to own and listen too. Look for a McIntosh car audio system on the internet by going to their official website or to many of the discount sites online.

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