Massage Shower Heads

The showerhead is the component that is responsible for distributing water in the shower from the plumbing system. Shower heads are designed with tiny holes, which are implemented on the showerhead so that they are directed towards where the individual that is showering would be positioned.

Showerheads are often made out of aluminum. They can be plated in other materials such as chrome to make them more visually appealing. This is often done when there is a need to match the d├ęcor of other parts of the bathroom. The functionality of the shower head will be more important than the cosmetic appeal for most people though.

Functions of a Shower Head

A shower head basically functions as a transmitter for the shower water. That would be the basic function of the device. However, the more important function of the shower head relates to how the water is really dispersed. This includes the pressure of the water and the type of spray that is occurring.

Usually the showerhead will work with different settings for the functions that it offers. This means that you can change the settings according to the type of function that you desire from the showerhead. This is only possible with showerheads that incorporate multiple settings though, and not your standard showerhead.

Using a Shower Head for a Massage
Showers are very relaxing to begin with. Now, if you were to have the right water pressure and dispersion settings, then it would be even more relaxing. In fact, it would be almost like receiving a massage. This can be achieved with almost any showerhead as long as there are settings that work for the specific individual. Some settings will be more massaging than others for certain people so it is necessary to find a setting that you really enjoy. There are also specialty showerheads that are made for massaging purposes that may provide great results for you.

The type of showerhead control that is necessary to get a massage with the showerhead is a high-pressure setting. The showerhead will also have to be using very small holes as well. This will provide a strengthened water flow and a more intense overall shower experience. You can also receive the massage experience from other settings such as the pulse option that is common with multi-setting shower heads.

Choosing a Shower Head to Buy
You will want to make sure that the showerhead you choose offers settings that provide you with a massage-like experience. You may want to look for a shower head that is connected to a hose, which allows you to get a more full body massage. The easiest way to make sure you get the massage experience with your showerhead at an affordable price would be to buy the universal models that offer many different settings.

You could look into specialty shower heads that provide an even greater massaging experience. These may be a bit more expensive and harder to find but it could be worth the effort. Just do some research online and try to find product write-ups so you know how effective they are in comparison to the typical universal showerheads that you can find locally.

Final Thoughts
While having a shower is necessary to maintain proper hygiene, it is also a great soothing, relaxing, and massaging experience. There is no reason for you to avoid achieving relaxation and comfort while in the shower. Everyone should have a showerhead that provides various settings so that they have the ability to use a setting that feels good to them.

There are many different options for massaging settings with shower heads. You can look into the massaging controls offered with the universal models. You may also want to look into the special massage showerheads as well. Ultimately, this is an investment that everyone should make if they can, as it will improve their showering experience dramatically.

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