Marine Autopilot System

The market for marine autopilot systems is fairly untapped but there are a few good products available. Garmin is one of the recommendable brands of marine autopilot systems currently on the market. The GHP 10 Marine Autopilot product in particular has received a lot of attention. We will go into greater detail on this device later in the article.

When steering in open waters it can become energy depriving. The idea behind going on a long cruise is to enjoy your time. If you are out on the water with friends or family then you do not want to be steering the ship all the time. An autopilot system will allow you to basically go into cruise control yet still have enough control on the ship to feel safe.

This is not only a product that will add to the convenience of going on a boat trip but it will also add to the safety of your trip as well. If you regularly take your powerboat out on the water then you would benefit a lot from owning a marine autopilot system.

What is a Marine Autopilot System?
Before looking at marine autopilot systems to purchase you should know what they are and how they work. Marine autopilot systems are devices designed to make riding on a powerboat much easier. There are only certain boats that are compatible with the autopilot system. The Garmin GHP 10 model is compatible with powerboats that are designed with hydraulic steering.

Installing a marine autopilot system to your boat can eliminate possible difficulties when attempting to steer in harsh conditions. The autopilot system will control your ship for you and this can come in very handy during stormy weather. You can also de-activate the autopilot feature very quickly so returning to manual control whenever you like is not an issue.

Benefits of a Marine Autopilot System
The real benefit to using a marine autopilot system is basically what was already mentioned. You do not have to control your ship at all times. This will allow you to take care of other problems onboard during a tough situation. This also makes for more convenient and enjoyable trips with your boat.

One of the most remarkable marine autopilot systems on the market is the aforementioned Garmin GHP 10 model. This product uses Shadow Drive technology which allows for a phenomenal performance.

Shadow Drive Technology
There are many benefits to having a marine autopilot system that utilizes Shadow Drive technology. The major reason why it is so useful is that you can always take full control of your ship if necessary. If the autopilot feature is activated and you need to take control of the boat again, it does not even require pressing any buttons to do so. This is a great safety feature which can be used in a timely manner if necessary.

The Shadow Drive technology works in a simple manner. If you turn the helm it will deactivate the autopilot feature. When the helm returns back to the path it was originally set on, the autopilot will reactivate. This will allow you to take control of the boat for sharp turns and other emergency situations or spur of the moment course changes.

Garmin GHP 10 Summary
The Garmin GHP 10 marine autopilot system is very convenient and useful. The interface is very user friendly and you should not have any problems putting the system to use. You have the option of using a maximum of three compatible controllers with a Garmin GHP 10 unit. This is a convenient addition that allows you to control the autopilot system in different areas of your ship.

The Garmin GHP 10 autopilot system is one of the higher end models available. You should expect to pay roughly $2,000 for this product. While Garmin products are highly recommended, there are many other marine autopilots on the market as well. If you are shopping for a marine autopilot system then you may want to do more research on the brands and models available.

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