Margaritaville Maker

When it comes to throwing a great party, there are many things that must be taken into consideration: the setting, the music, the theme, the food and also the drink. Especially when it comes to the drink part of the party there are many options to choose from. If you know yourself and your guests are into margaritas and other likewise cocktails, then maybe an appliance that would make creating those favored drinks easier wouldn’t go amiss. And we’re not talking about blenders, everyone has one of those and everybody knows they are not ideal for creating that perfect combination of content and ice shaving required for a great margarita; the margaritaville maker on the other hand is that ideal appliance.

The margaritaville machine’s main goal, just as its name clearly illustrates, is to make margaritas and it does that to a T and with great consistency as well. It can also be used for other beverages with just as great results so let’s skip to those for a second.

One other use for a margaritaville blender is a non alcoholic related one: that of a smoothie maker and the reason why this machine is such a great smoothie maker as opposed to your regular blender is its ice shaving capability. This feature allows for extremely cold smoothies, or creating an ice drink. Also the fact that the machine actually shaves the ice as opposed to cutting it up randomly, as a normal blender would, makes it by far the preferred choice.

On a similar note the margaritaville machine allows for a fair amount of experimenting as far as smoothies go. There are many various recipes and combinations out there that have been tried and tested by others that you can attempt for yourself or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can start inventing your own concoctions. There might be some misses of course, those are always a possibility but there will definitely be some wins as well and after a while you’ll gain a type of instinct as to what combination will make a good drink.

But returning to the initial use of a margaritaville blender, once you have this tool in your party arsenal you’ll notice that fueling your tropical-themed parties will become a virtual breeze with it churning perfect drinks pitcher after pitcher. This is all thanks to the ice shaving machine which you can program to a desired amount and it will always shave that exact amount of ice for your desired drink. The machine actually knows precisely how much ice to shave from your inputs and this is why the drinks come out so great. Margaritas, daiquiris or any other similar cocktail can be made with the help of a margaritaville maker.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the shaver will work better when the entire ice hopper is filled. Since this would only happen when making an entire pitcher of your drink of choice and you will usually want only a glass manually, you should simply hold the shaving switch on for a few seconds before starting the automatic mix cycle.

With all this talk about lots of ice in the ice hopper one would be correct to wonder what happens to all the water that results from the ice melting, because no matter how fast you shave or cut it up, the moment you remove ice from the freezer, it starts to melt. Well the margaritaville machine has a solution for that as well; the excess water is channeled into a special reservoir which means that it never mixes with your drink and it can be easily removed and dumped.

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