Margarita Maker

A margarita maker is a device that mixes margaritas and keeps them at ready to be consumed at any time. Margarita makers are much like blenders in that they rotate the ingredients until they are blended properly. However, blenders cannot make margaritas properly for a few reasons, and the way they operate is fundamentally different. Margarita makers can come with a variety of different options for their use, but they all operate in about the same way. It is possible to make a margarita by hand, or even to make a makeshift one with a blender, but margarita makers are by far the best option for making margaritas for parties and social gatherings.

Margarita makers are very similar to slushy or smoothie machines in the way they work. First, they can shave ice, so that it is the proper size for a margarita. Then, softly mix the drink and ice in a large, usually clear bowl. This makes sure that the ingredients are evenly distributed, without posing the risk of overly chopping the ice or turning the drink into mush. Instead, the drink is just turned over to prevent any of the ingredients from setting or making the drink uneven.

This is very different from a simple blender, and is why margarita makers are better at their jobs. A blender can mix the ingredients, and can even make a margarita fairly well if you know how to time it just right. However, a blender does its job and then the drink just sits. This is ok for a quick mix, but the mix will melt down after a very short period of time. This makes a blender unsuited for any circumstance where you’ll have more than one drink. Even if you put it in a refrigerator, the ingredients in the margarita will separate from each other.

Also, margarita makers just taste better. Unlike blenders or smoothie machines, they are specially formatted for mixing margaritas. This means that a significant amount of time and effort has gone into determining what speed the machine needs to go at, how thin the ice needs to be crushed, and a host of other factors that dictate margarita taste. These machines can only sell in the long term f they make good margaritas, and many come with settings that will take much of the guesswork out of the process. That’s not to say that any of them are perfect, but they are the best machines at making margaritas.

Another advantage to margarita makers is that they are easy to use. This is a particular advantages if you don’t have a blender at all. Even if you can make margaritas well by hand, you’ve probably been frustrated at some point where being good at making margaritas has made you a de facto bartender at parties. With a machine, you can just pour in the right ingredients, and let the margarita maker do all of the work for the rest of the part. Even if you run out of margaritas, your part of the process is so small that you can make a whole other batch in a few minutes.

Price-wise, margarita makers are usually about as expensive as blenders, depending on the quality of the make. You probably don’t want to buy the cheapest margarita maker, as these likely haven’t been built with specific settings for margaritas, and might not mix them as well. Unless you are a perfectionist, however, there is likely no reason to spend more than about $100 USD on a margarita maker. That’s about the median price range of any of these devices.

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