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Magellan is a well-known name when it comes to GPS and GPS-based products. For a long time, GPS was thought of as a highly scientific system, usable only for military and other research projects. However, Magellan has successfully brought its GPS-based products into our cars, pockets, backpacks and traveling kits. The world is getting smaller, more crowded and more uncertain as we speak. Therefore, for every traveler a navigation system is a must to ensure safety, peace of mind and help him stay smart and in control. Magellan GPS provides just that.

Magellan GPS products are designed keeping in mind the needs of different travelers and individual. Their motto is: as individual as you. Different products have different levels of sophistication and Magellan provides additional software, maps and accessories to make your job easier. Magellan has three different series of products and multiple models in each series.

Magellan Triton Series
The Triton is available with maps of North America. Starting from Triton 200, the range goes up to Triton 2000, with 6 other models in between – each with all the features of the previous model and something. The top-of-the-line Triton 2000 comes with a color touch screen, 2MP camera, flashlight and voice recorder, expandable memory and other features like an electronic compass, a barometer and more. The 1500 AdventurePack and 400 AdventurePack are made for the explorers – and come with TOPO! Deluxe Map software — so that you can plan every trip or expedition. All the models in the Triton series are handheld devices, rugged and waterproof. The basic model – 200 – comes with a full color screen and built-in maps. The 300 allows you to add much more detail to your maps, while the 400 gives you expandable memory with all the other features. The 1500 is similar to the 2000, without the camera.

Magellan Maestro series
The perfect companion for your driving holiday. There are 12 different models to choose from. Each model has a touch screen and has been made extremely comfortable to use and navigate while driving. The initial models: come with 5.3 inch touch screen and build from the basic features like voice guidance, in-built maps along with places of interest. With every subsequent model, you get more maps and more places. The basic model, 3200, has 1.3 million Points of Interests and maps of US, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. The 3210 gives you detailed maps of US and Canada and 6 million Points of Interest and an AAA TourBook guide. The 3220 and 3225 have similar features with more in-built maps. For ultimate comfort, you could try the 3250 which is a hands free, voice controlled GPS device. Plus, it gives you traffic reposts and has the AAA TourBook guide. As the models become newer, the features and simplicity increase and so does the screen size.

Magellan Roadmate series
The Roadmate series has 6 models for the budget conscious traveler. Starting with 1200 which has built in maps of US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, 1.3 million POI, 3.5 inc touch-screen to the 4.3 inch touch screen, with in built maps of US and Canada, 6 million POI, and voice assisted turn by turn directions in the 1430 – each piece offers great functionality at an even better price. The 1400 seems to be the most sought after product. IT provides extreme ease of navigation anywhere in the US and Canada. All you have to do is pick your destination and chalk out a road plan and the system does the rest. Although not as fancy as the Triton or Maestro series, Magellan keeps exactly the necessary features that make its GPS devices very useful and reliable. All the models in the RoadMate series are quite sleek and stylish, with the smaller one compact enough to fit into your pocket.

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