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As the world keeps developing, its resources continue to deplete day by day to meet the demands of the ever-growing population. Resources are slowly nearing the point of exhaustion which carries with it rising costs. Over the years, prices of an individual’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter have increased rapidly. In colder countries, the need for home heaters has also become a necessity as air conditioners have become for warmer countries. However, it is quite difficult for many people to afford heaters and they are desperately seeking a cheaper alternative. The answer to their pleas is to implement the use of low wattage heaters.

Low wattage heaters are heaters that consume less power to heat a certain area. Usually, such heaters are space heaters which are installed in, and heat rooms separately. The greatest advantage of a space heater is that heating can be varied from room to room. These are very different from central heating systems which maintain a specific temperature throughout the whole house. Individual heating is so attractive because two individuals often require different levels of heating. This is because the need for heat varies greatly depending on many factors such as age, health and mostly how sensitive the person is to external heating. Therefore, having separate heaters means that people who require heating can use a heater in a room while those who prefer cooler weather can stay in another room without the presence of external heating. As a result, electricity consumption is cut down significantly simply because space heaters are so efficient due to their ability to heat individual rooms separately.

Aside from individual heating, low wattage heaters are superior to other heaters simply because they are low wattage heaters – meaning that they consume less electricity. Low wattage heaters come in varying watts, usually around 800W. Such power consumption from a heater is a very big deal in terms of electricity usage. The fact can become even clearer by picturing the older, obsolete light bulbs. They required 100W to light up each which means that one low wattage heater is equivalent to eight light bulbs. Though such amount of heating may seem low, it must be remembered that heaters are designed to provide heat, not light, and make use of the electricity accordingly. Low wattage heaters are at their very best when they are installed to heat up a small or medium sized room, though larger rooms will require more powerful heaters to provide sufficient heat.

There are numerous low wattage heaters available, each with their own appearances, features and benefits. However, one of the most popular heaters found today is the Dimplex Panel Heater. They are the new models from Dimplex which feature sleek, stylish looks, and are fashioned with a smooth surface and with rounded corners which helps this heater fit into any trend-conscious individual’s home.

The Dimplex panel heater brandishes a number of features that include protection systems that help to keep it safe from overheating as well as an electronic timer which can be programmed into any predefined setting suitable to the user within the next 24 hours. This heater is also available in different heating outputs of 400W and 800W. However, the most eye-catching feature of this panel heater is its energy consumption. The efficiency of this heater surpasses most others in its class with a consumption rate of about 2 pence per hour, which makes this heater a smart choice for anyone seeking a cheaper, yet more efficient, heating alternative. The Dimplex panel heater is available in most home appliance stores as well as online, and they come with a 3 year warranty.

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    You nailed the topic on the head. Electricity prices are ever increasing and with the development of efficient and effective low wattage heaters at reasonable prices there is never a better time to invest in one now.

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