Low Flow Shower Heads

Low flow shower heads are available today from a number of different retailers. They come in many different styles and sizes and provide a host of benefits. They are designed to save water as well as energy while providing you with a quality shower and can often be purchased for under $50 each. When choosing your low flow shower head there are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind.

Newer models of shower heads have pressure that is built in to compensate for lack of water pressure, ensuring that you have as much pressure for your shower as you need. They range in water pressure from 20 psi to more than 80 psi. This determines the gallons per minute that you use when showering. Water pressure will vary greatly from home to home so keep this in mind when purchasing your shower head. You want to ensure that you are saving water and energy but you also need to be certain that you choose a model that gives you a quality shower with the water pressure that you want and need.

You will also need to determine what features you want. Some low flow shower heads offer various ranges of water spray. You may find some that have very forceful massaging features while others are basically just standard sprays. If you want something that gives you more than one choice of spray type and pressure then you will need to search for a specific model that offers this ability. You will find that these shower heads are available in a wide range of types and designs. Choose the one that will best suit your needs regarding water pressure and spray while still offering you the specific design that you want. You should be able to get a low flow shower head that perfectly matches your bathroom décor and your other bathroom fixtures. They come in many different materials from plastics to stainless steel so keep this in mind as well when shopping.

You should note that shower heads that have metal faces do often clog and corrode much faster than those that are rubberized or plastic. You can easily clean the latter types by simply wiping them down with a wet cloth. If cleaning is an issue then choose a model that offers an easier cleanup. You will find many newer models that are made from a rubberized material that are very attractive and help you to preserve the life of the shower head since they are more resistant to corrosion and rust. You can find these in many different colors including black and white to help you to better match them with your existing bathroom décor.

Again, you can find a low flow shower head at a variety of different retailers from home improvement stores, department stores and wholesale mass merchandisers to various online stores as well. Take your time to determine the specific type and design that you need before you purchase. This ensures that you get the shower head that you want. Once you know what you need you can take the time to go online and compare prices at various online and offline stores. This will allow you to purchase a shower head that will help you to save water and energy and save money on the purchase as well. Check to ensure that the product has some sort of warranty to protect you in case it is not in working order when you get it home. Shower heads are fairly easy to install but if you are not sure of how to install one correctly, get instructions from the retailer or call a plumber for help.

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