Lightweight Vacuum

Everyone needs a vacuum for keeping their carpets and flooring clean, however picking the best one for your home is based on your own personal preference. Since there are so many brands and models to choose from it may become overwhelming shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. There are heavy duty vacuums and lightweight vacuums. There are self propelled vacuums, upright vacuums and canister vacuums. You can also choose between vacuums that come with a bag or you can choose a bagless vacuum. What vacuum works for one person may not be what another person needs at all. Therefore looking at all the features on a vacuum is necessary before making your purchase.

Many people choose to purchase a lightweight vacuum. There are different reasons that one may opt for a lighter weight model. If you have stairs in your home then a lighter weight model can be carried up and down the stairs with ease. People who have a disability or are elderly may also choose to purchase a lightweight vacuum cleaner to keep their carpets looking nice without having to maneuver a heavy vacuum around the house. There is a common misconception that lightweight vacuums do not clean as well as the heavy duty vacuum cleaners but this may not be true at all. Although the heavy duty vacuums may come with more attachments or different features, the cleaning power is usually equivalent. As long as the amps of the motor are the same then you will get the same amount of suction and cleaning power. A lightweight vacuum cleaner is not the same as an electric broom and should not be confused with one. Electric brooms do not offer the same cleaning power and are generally not used for carpets.

Lightweight vacuums can weigh as little a couple pounds where heavier vacuums can weigh significantly more. Lightweight vacuums can be carried with one hand and are easy to push and pull on carpets. They do not offer the self propelled feature but because they are so lightweight this feature is not typically missed. Lightweight vacuum cleaners may not come with as many neat attachments as some of the other vacuums do but generally come with the ability to clean in tight spaces with the extension hose. If you will be using your vacuum for cleaning your car or other places besides your house then you may pay close attention to the types of attachments that a lightweight vacuum will come with.

Just like any other type of vacuums, lightweight vacuum cleaners will also vary in price. You can find a light weight vacuum that is compact and convenient or one that is still a good size. Depending on the brand and features you desire will also determine how much your new vacuum will cost. Another thing to consider is whether or not you will want filters on your vacuum and what type of disposal system you want. There are many models that come with washable filters and a bagless option or you may like the way a vacuum works with disposable filters and bags.

Before you purchase your new vacuum make sure you try it out. If there is a model vacuum available to look at you should try to lift the vacuum to see just how lightweight it is. Also look to see how easily the vacuum is to maneuver on the floor and how easy the vacuum is to take apart when it comes time to get rid of the dirt inside. Check for attachments and any other features you feel are important in a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Make sure the amps on your vacuum will be strong enough to perform the task of keeping your carpets clean as well. Once you have looked closely at all the lightweight vacuums I am sure you will be happy with your choice.

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